Monday, 7 November 2016

Review: Whitney Barbetti's "Back To Yesterday (Bleeding Hearts #2)."


The distance from Colorado to Maine is not far enough to escape the memories.
The time I've been away is not long enough to heal the pain.
I left Colorado, determined to discover who I am outside of my grief, but I fell apart along the way.
I'm lost again.
When Jude follows me, I can't turn him away. But I can't let him in, either.
Not all the way.
I know when he finds out my secret, the one I keep hidden in the darkest part of my heart, he’ll leave me.
Like I was before.

Review: Jo 

After enjoying the first book from the "Bleeding Hearts" series, I was very much looking forward to starting this book. I was eager to discover what happened next for Trista and Jude. When I had finished book one, I was left with an hopeful outlook for the couple's future together and I couldn't wait to catch up with the pair, especially Trista. That girl had been through such a miserable time before Jude came along, so I was optimistic for happier times ahead. 

Unfortunately, I soon realised that Trista's life had yet again took a depressing turn. "Back To Yesterday" saw Trista battling with the many issues in her life. Not only was she trying to make sense of everything that had happened to her, she was also dealing with her insecurities. In the previous book, I was sympathetic to Trista's situation, however this time around, I became increasingly frustrated with the way that Trista was choosing to live her life. To be honest, I was so disappointed with Trista's actions. The direction that the story took made me so sad. 

The only small light in this story was yet again the lovely Jude, however even his presence was not enough for me to change my opinion on how this book made me feel. I was so disheartened with the way that the everything was playing out for Trista and Jude and for that reason "Back to Yesterday" gets 3 hearts from me.

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