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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Vi Keeland's "Bossman."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for Vi Keeland's "Bossman."


The first time I met Chase Parker, I didn't exactly make a good impression. I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant, leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date. He overheard and told me I was a bitch, then proceeded to offer me some dating advice. So I told him to mind his own damn business―his own tall, gorgeous, full-of-himself damn business―and went back to my miserable date. When he walked by my table, he smirked, and I watched his arrogant, sexy ass walk back to his date. I couldn't help but sneak hidden glances at the condescending jerk on the other side of the room. Of course, he caught me on more than one occasion, and winked.

When the gorgeous stranger and his equally hot date suddenly appeared at our table, I thought he was going to rat me out. But instead, he pretended we knew each other and joined us―telling elaborate, embarrassing stories about our fake childhood. My date suddenly went from boring to bizarrely exciting. When it was over and we parted ways, I thought about him more than I would ever admit, even though I knew I'd never see him again. I mean, what were the chances I'd run into him again in a city with eight million people?Then again...

What were the chances a month later he'd wind up being my new sexy boss?

Review: Surj 

If your looking for a "Sunday afternoon, kick your shoes off, sink into an arm chair with a glass of wine" kinda read, then look no further because Vi Keeland's "Bossman" is for you. This was a quick, easy read that was (for the most part) light hearted, cute and very funny. It did however have a touch of angst and side order of mystery that ensured I was kept on my toes throughout. 

"I'm up for the challenge."
"What challenge?"
"Waiting it out. Or breaking you down. One or the other."

Having read the synopsis, I was expecting a typical office romance. Did I get that? No. This book put a whole new spin on mixing business and pleasure which really made for a refreshing change. I absolutely loved how Chase and Reese met. It was hilarious and I couldn't help but fall a little bit in love with Chase in that moment. The guy had balls and his story telling abilities .. wow, my sides hurt from the things that came out of his mouth. Equally, I enjoyed how the couple's connection developed. 

The chemistry they shared couldn't be denied but Reese had been burnt before and had no intention of going there again. So where did that leave the pair? Well, let's just say, there was a whole lot of banter and of course plenty of dirty talk courtesy of Chase because he wasn't the kind of man who gave up quite so easily. When he wanted something, he usually got it and he had no intention of letting Reese get away. 

"You didn't put up that wall to keep him out. 
You put it up to watch him break it down to get to you."

Chase's character was just gorgeous both inside and out. His cockiness was almost endearing and just added to his appeal. He was funny and persistent and even sweet but in such a good way. He was the type of man that wore his heart of his sleeve. I was desperate to know about his past and we were given little heart breaking glimpses of it and that just made me love him even more. He really was quite the guy. Now Reese, where do I start? I liked her but at times she frustrated the hell out of me. There were moments I just wanted to knock a bit of sense into her but nope, there was no telling this girl. 

“Don’t ask me to explain it, but when I’m around you, 
I’m happy. That’s all I’m after.”

In terms of the writing, as I said earlier, this was an easy read. However, for me, there was a bit too much superfluous detail for things I didn't necessarily care for which meant I did scan read parts. 

All in all, "Bossman" was a good read but not one that necessarily blew me away but sometimes, that's just what you need... an easy, light hearted read. 

I rated "Bossman" ❤️❤️❤️


“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where—” 

I froze.

The sight of Chase standing there was almost enough to knock me over. I’d secretly hoped to see him, yet never thought I actually would. What are the chances? I did a double take, sure I was seeing things. But it was him all right, in the flesh. And what flesh it is. Standing there shirtless and wet—wearing nothing but a pair of low-slung swim trunks—he had me stuttering. Literally. 

“Ch…Ch…Ch—” I couldn’t get the word out. 

Of course, Chase didn’t miss a beat. He smirked and leaned in. “You do a cute train impression, Buttercup.” 

He remembers me.

I shook my head, attempting to snap myself out of it. But it was no use. He was so tall, and I was so short, I had no choice but to stare at his body. Water trickled down his abs. I was mesmerized watching it speed up and slow down as it crossed the rippled lines of his six-pack. Damn. 

I cleared my throat and finally spoke. “Chase.” 

I was pretty freaking proud of myself for getting that much out. He had a towel slung around his neck and lifted it to dry off his dripping hair, revealing even more flesh. His pectoral muscles were carved and perfect. And—oh, my God…is that… Holy shit. It is. His nipples were cold and erect, and one of them was….was…pierced. 

About the Author:

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is an attorney and a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today Best Selling author. Over the last three years, eleven of her titles have appeared on the USA Today Bestseller lists and four on the New York Times Bestseller lists. 

witter:  @vikeeland

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