Rating interpretation

5 Hearts: Wow, an amazing read. It had everything I would want from a book and more. I couldn't put it down and could talk about it for days!!!! Anyone want to talk about it????? lol. I will remember this book for a long time

4 Hearts: Loved this book and couldn't put it down. Almost perfect but there was just a little something missing

3 Hearts: A good read but just not enough in it for me to say I loved it. I could put it down and pick it up at leisure. Not a bad read but at the same time, I wasn't blown away

1 & 2 hearts: Chances are that I won't even finish these books and therefore will not be reviewing them. I know authors spend so much time and effort writing these books and my reviews are very subjective. As much as these 1 & 2 heart books are not for me, there are others who may love them.

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