Friday, 27 May 2016

Review: Kate Baxter's "The Dark Vampire (The Last True Vampire #3)."


For centuries, Jenner has been plagued by the shadows of his past. Now, a newly-turned vampire, he stalks the night like a wild predator, unable to satisfy his insatiable desires. Until a beautiful vampire sets his soul on fire...

Bria is pure innocence, hidden her whole life from a merciless enemy determined to hunt her down. When things become perilous, safety comes in the form of a fearsome bodyguard - Jenner.

One fateful night, Bria is saved by her vampire protector and a blazing connection is sparked. But surrendering to the powerful call of passion means breaking free from the shackles of their pasts. And with the war against the slayers more savage than ever, they must fight to survive. For the vampire race depends on it.

Review: Jo 

"Jenner was dangerous. Dark and violent. Since the day 
they'd met he seemed to balance on the razor's edge of his control. 
And Bria wanted him more than she'd ever wanted anything in her entire life." 

This is the third book in the paranormal series and having loved the first two books, I was excited about reading this one. "The Dark Vampire" is all about the dark and moody vampire Jenner who I had briefly met in the previous book. I wasn't sure how I truly felt about Jenner, he was so temperamental with an hard edge to him that appeared impossible to crack, but there was something about him that made me curious and I was keen to get to know him better. I hoped that, as the story continued Jenner would lose some of his harshness and he could win me over. I really did want to love him but he wasn't my favourite of the vampires that I have met so far. 

Now Bria, I did like. She seemed so sweet and innocent, however once I got to know her I realised how strong and determined she was. Bria was the perfect match for Jenner because she wouldn't put up with any of his crap. I was eagerly waiting for Bria and Jenner to get together, longing for the story to hot up and for me to change my feelings for Jenner, however Kate Baxter kept me waiting quite some time before any of those things happened. Bria and Jenner's relationship was not as straightforward as I would have liked. 

"He'd known from the first moment he stared into Bria's 
beautiful amethyst eyes that she would be the cause of his destruction." 

Once Bria and Jenner did finally become a couple, the sparks flew and I wasn't surprised. This author is brilliant at writing passionate sex scenes between her star couples, so I was fully prepared for some hot reading!  I loved seeing Bria and Jenner together, it was a relief to finally see them so in love. The only problem was that there was so much going on around them that I felt there wasn't enough time to enjoy Bria and Jenner's relationship. Out of the three books so far, I thought that this one focussed more on the other characters of the paranormal world rather than just the main couple, so I was left feeling like I didn't get enough Bria and Jenner.

"With every passing day Bria lost another piece of her heart to Jenner." 

I am yet to discover if this is the last book in the series or if others will follow. I am sure that there is room for other books with the characters that I am still to explore and because I have enjoyed this series so far, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for another instalment. 

"The Dark Vampire" gets  ❤️❤️❤️❤️   from me.

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