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Review: JA Huss's "Slack: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston (A Rook & Ronin Spinoff)."
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Ford Aston is not too picky about what he wants out of Christmas. He’s not into this holiday—like at all. He doesn’t do presents, or family dinners, or parties, or church. 

He does pets. And he’s got one lined up for Christmas Eve. In fact, it’s the highlight of his day. And if he can get through drop-in visits, nosy twelve year olds, an inappropriate conversation with his best friend’s girlfriend, dinner with a family that’s not his, and a party at his mother’s house—well, he might just get home in time to enjoy himself with a stranger and make it all OK.

SLACK: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston, is a prequel to TAUT: The Ford Book, and can be read as a standalone novella.

Review: Surj 

Well for a novella, my oh my what an eye opener this was. I had already fallen head over heals for Ford Aston whilst reading the first three books in the "Rook & Ronin" series, but this little introduction to his story really did cement my feelings for this beautiful, very complex and often misunderstood man. 

I loved having the opportunity to rummage around in Ford's head because what I found was so much more than what Ford gave himself credit for. Sure he was socially awkward and yes he did have a particular way about him but boy did he feel (something he always fought so hard to hide). Who knew Ford Aston had a heart?

I'm a freak looking for a freak. A freak that can relate to me. 

I saw a number of sides to Ford whilst reading "Slack." I saw his kinky, dominant side with his pets (fans self). I saw a man who tried his luck at having a "normal" love life but failed. I saw his arrogant asshole side rear it's ugly head (not so nice). I saw jealousy and bitterness and I also saw a man who's heart had been broken. For someone who said he didn't particularly like people, I also saw him form a new bond with a stranger. Yup, this really was one perfect, jam packed little novella that was a fantastic intro to Ford's story. It was engaging and captivating and had me desperate for more from this man. 

Onwards to "Taut" because I really cannot wait to see what's in store for Ford. Will he get a HEA? time to go and find out.  I rated "Slack" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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