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Review: JA Huss's "Manic (Rook & Ronin # 2)."
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TRAGIC is over and Rook is ready for the future—Spencer Shrike and the STURGIS contract! 

It’s three months of body art modeling! That means three months of Spencer Shrike’s paintbrush all over her body, three months in front of Antoine’s camera, and three months of twenty-four hour filming for Spencer’s Biker Channel reality show.

Wait a minute…what reality show? Maybe she should’ve read that STURGIS contract a little closer? ;)

Sure, Rook’s bank account is almost overflowing, but Ronin is angry, Clare is trying to escape rehab, Antoine is a worried mess, and Elise is just trying to hold everyone together. Her new family is about to fall apart before she even gets the chance to enjoy them.

Add in a mysterious man from her past, a road trip to the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and a final show in front of the entire world where all her goods are on display, and you’ve got Manic—a new adult contemporary romance that will definitely make your summer sizzle!

Review: Surj

I read the first book in the "Rook & Ronin" series entitled Tragic" within the space of a few hours. The story line was brilliant and so addictive and as for the characters, it really didn't take long for Rook and Ronin to worm their way into my affections. The first instalment in their story didn't end with a cliffy but despite this, I was desperate to see what was in store for the pair next, both as individuals and as a couple. So the minute I finished book one, I immersed myself back into the world of erotic photography in "Manic." 

“You scare me, Rook.”

“Why?” I ask, puzzled.
“Because your future is making itself right now, this very moment. 
And you have no idea it’s happening. I want you so completely it hurts. 
But you and I are in two totally different places.”

As much as Rook and Ronin both featured in this book, this really was predominantly Rook's story. This was a girl who had already been through so much and had never really had the opportunity to find her own identity or her place in the world. Now was her time to do just that but as fate would have it, Rook would not have an easy ride of it. No way. The rash decision she had made as an act of defiance at the end of "Tragic" had consequences and she should would have to face the full force of that. The contract itself threw up a whole host of challenges not least the mixture of unexpected emotions Rook suddenly found herself feeling and not knowing what to do with. On top of that, there was hot as hell Spencer who got to paint her naked for three months, Billy the sexy as sin model and of course the very mysterious Ford who had a darkness about him that I couldn't wait to explore. The questions that kept going around in my mind were, did these men have ulterior motives for their actions and behaviours? Who was friend and who was foe? It was so difficult to work out because there appeared to be so many sides to their personalities. 

"I want you in my bed every night. I want you to be part of me forever. 
I want to make an us with you."

The one theme that did continue from book one was that people kept warning Rook about Ronin and that really got my back up. I loved Ronin and would not hear a bad word said against him. He had been nothing but supportive of Rook despite this contract and what she had to do so to have him bad mouthed was infuriating, especially since he wasn't around to stick up for himself. Nope, unfortunately Clare's stint in rehab caused the couple more strife as Ronin was constantly called away to be with her. This should have been a happy time for Rook and Ronin where they were getting to know each other. The honeymoon period so to speak but obstacle after obstacle ensured that this would not be made easy!!! 

"He likes the lost ones, Rook. He likes to swoop in and save them."

I loved the growth in Rook's character. Despite making the mother of all mistakes with the Stergis contract, she owned that mistake and equally many others that she made. On top of that, she really started to take control of her life and was not so easily rail-roaded into making decisions. A pushover she was not and I couldn't help but take to this new kick ass girl. Ronin of course continued to steal my heart as the supportive boyfriend he was and although he too made some mistakes in this book, I couldn't help but forgive him. He was in such an impossible situation and given his past, I completely understood why he did what he did (not that I always agreed though). 

The last part of the book really turned things up full throttle and as the past came crashing into the present for so many of the characters I'd gotten to know and love, truths were unveiled and I was left gobsmacked. I saw a whole new side to Ronin, Ford and Spencer and my eyes were definitely opened to lots of things. I cannot wait to get more from the three amigo's and despite being a little cautious with my feelings towards Ford, he really did win me over. 

Your first impression of Spencer should be dumb…
Your first impression of Ford should be well-dressed asshole, but maybe a little on the weak side….
Your first impression of me should be honest, trustworthy guy…Good looking, 
charming, happy, eager to help and please. 
Your first impressions would be dead-ass wrong in all three cases.

Again, as with the first book, "Manic" did not get a conventional HEA but it didn't get the mother of cliffy's either. Regardless, I'm dying to read the final book in Rook and Ronin's story and I'm dying to see whether a fairytale ending is within reach for the couple. 

Another ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for this second drama filled, action packed book in the "Rook & Ronin" series. 

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