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Review Blitz: S.K Falls "One Last Song."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Review Blitz for S.K Falls "One Last Song."

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I was seven when I swallowed my first needle.

My mom freaked out and rushed me to the emergency room.

She stayed by my side all night.

I never wanted it to end.

When you spend your whole life feeling invisible-when your parents care more about deals and deadlines than they do about you-you find ways of making people take notice. Little things at first. Then bigger. It's scary how fast it grows. Then one day something happens that makes you want to stop. To get better. To be better. And for the first time, you understand what it's like to feel whole, happy . . . loved. For the first time, you love someone back.

For me, that someone was Drew.

Review: Kirsty Lander

There really are very few words that I can use to describe just how incredible this book was. It was so unique, I have definitely never read anything like it. I usually read books for the romance, I want a mind-blowing, earth shattering love with an incredible HAE. Did I get that in Secret for a Song? No. Did it matter? Absolutely not. This book is really not a romance. It's a story about pain, lies and deceit and ultimately overcoming all of that.

As you can see from the blurb, Saylor Garson is quite the character. I've never read a book with somebody like her - so vile. There really isn't much to like about her BUT at the same time.. all I could think was "It really isn't surprising that this girl is the way she is." and it is so true. So not only is her home life so awful, thanks to her less than caring parents but she is also suffering from Munchausen Syndrome. I don't know much about that particular syndrome, but I had heard of it and was so interested to read a book surrounding it.

"Seeing the worry on the doctors' and nurses' faces was a glourious, religious experience." 

Most of the things that Saylor does in this book is questionable. How is this person even human? Honestly, at times I was so disgusted with her that I didn't know how I could relate to her. And then all of a sudden I could.. because her life was just so lacking, it wasn't surprising to me that she had to grab attention in any way that she could. "To me, it seemed an unfathomable luxury to be a cancer patient." I had to walk away when I read this line because really, what is there to say/think about that? Not a lot.

This book had some truly incredible, inspirational characters. As I said, the book really isn't a romance but there is a romance story there. Without giving anything away, Saylor meets a guy in a group, he is suffering an illness that will eventually leave him unable to talk and walk. I hate to say that I didn't believe in their relationship at all but I could see why it was important to the story. Having said all of that, I loved Drew's character and just wanted everything to work out for him.. of course that was impossible and I appreciated the author not sugar coating anything.

"I was falling for this scared, lonely, broken, brave man who sang songs about secrets." 

As I said up the top, in my reads I really want a HAE for my characters. I'm not going to lie, there is not one in this story as such, definitely not one we are all used to in our reads. I'd say that individually these characters get their HAE, but together? Not so much right now. As well as this, I am a huge sucker for an epilogue, I've said it a thousand times, so when I got to the end of this book and there wasn't one, I thought I'd be disappointed but it turned out I wasn't. Everything was cleared up so perfectly that including an epilogue would have actually been an injustice to the story.

♪ "I'll tell you a secret, I'll sell you a secret for a song,
Someday I'll tell you, and take you back home where you belong."

I rated "One Last Song" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

About the Author: 

2014 IPPY award-winning author S.K. Falls believes a degree in psychology qualifies her to emotionally torture her characters in an authentic fashion. When she isn’t writing her twisted love stories, she can be found gallivanting around Charleston, SC with her family.

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