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Review: Victoria Van Tiem's "Love Like the Movies".

5 Hearts Review: Victoria Van Tiem's "Love Like the Movies".
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Kenzi Shaw knows the plot of her life down to the last line - the career she's building as an up-and-coming marketing exec, the gorgeous fiancé (Bradley) she'll marry in a fairytale wedding, the children they'll raise in her dream home. But when heart-breaking ex Shane comes back into her life, life starts going off the script . . .
Shane tries to win Kenzi over by re-enacting all the rom-com movies they used to watch together - Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones's Diary, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing to name a few. He's just a guy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to trust him again. But has he really changed? Not only is her head in a spin over Shane, but now her job is on the line. And with her perfect sister-in-law showing up every tiny thing Kenzi does wrong, she feels like she's permanently in the corner.

Should she risk her sensible life for the chance of a Happy Ever After? One thing's certain, when Shane meets Kenzi (again), she's suddenly not so sure who her leading man is . . .

Perfect for fans of From Notting Hill with Love . . . Actually and You Had Me at Hello. Grab some popcorn, hit the sofa and enjoy this feel-good and very funny novel.

Review-Jo Rushton 

This book needs to be a movie!! I absolutely fell head over heels in love with "Love Like the Movies" . It was a truly magical read and I thought it was a fantastic idea for a story. I loved, loved , loved it!! 

There's something so innocent and sweet about romantic movies. The world doesn't 
always make sense, but in a good romantic comedy, I'm guaranteed a happily ever after.

Kenzi was the heroine of the story. She was a woman who was once obsessed with cheesy romantic comedy's and in years gone by, she'd spend many a night cuddled up to her now  ex-boyfriend, Shane watching this genre of films. She knew every line and every scene from her favorite films and so badly wanted her life to be like one of her favorite movie characters. She dreamed of living a life full of magical movie moments. 

"Remember how you used to say you wanted to live all the moments? 
You'd say you didn't want to just be in love, you wanted a to be in love like in a movie." 

Now Kenzi was all grown up and engaged to marry Bradley, her fantasies had long been forgotten. Life was sensible and serious and with Bradley, she knew exactly where she was and what her future held. What had happened to the girl who wanted her life to be like a movie? This was when ex-boyfriend Shane entered the story. With the return of Shane, Kenzi was reminded of all the things that she used to dream of and found herself re-evaluating her life. This girl had some serious soul searching to do. 

I loved Kenzi, She was sweet and funny and would make a brilliant rom-com character. I found it so easy to connect with her, she was a girl after my own heart. Like Kenzi, I think most girls long for some of those swoon-worthy movie moments and unfortunately find themselves stuck in a relationship with no spark or passion. I felt that Kenzi and Bradley's relationship was like this. I knew he wasn't the right guy for her. Kenzi was attracted to Bradley because he was someone who her family approved of. 

I'd have everything my family expects for me. What about what I expect for me? 
What about being in love like in a movie. 
Is Bradley my knight in shining armor that I'm going to rescue right back?

As the story progressed I realized that Kenzi's relationship with her family was not the best, especially with her mother. I understood how hurt she was and how much her family had impacted her choices in her life. Kenzi was putting her families wishes before her own true feelings. I felt that Kenzi had lost her way a little and she needed to some encouragement to find herself again. 

Shane was the perfect leading man of the story and he returned to Kenzi just at the right time in her life. Shane knew the real Kenzi. He knew her dreams and ambitions. If a man truly loves you he loves each and every part of you and will do anything to make your dreams come true. Shane was that man for her. When he came up with the romantic idea of re-enacting Kenzi's favorite movie scenes my heart melted into a big puddle. This man was every girls dream come true! Who would turn a guy like that down? Not me, that's for sure! 

"So what should I be waiting for exactly?"
"Me. You should be waiting for me." 

I adored Kenzi and Shane as a couple. As soon as they reunited there was a spark between them and I couldn't wait for that spark to ignite. I was ready for the fireworks! I was swooning like crazy and I had the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face whenever they were together. Kenzi and Shane were meant to be. They were true soul-mates and I was so happy that they got their second chance. 

"Love Like the Movies" was a beautiful, heartwarming story filled with humor, romance and a few twists and turns along the way. I loved every single page and the ending was one of the sweetest I have ever read, it was like a scene straight out of a movie. Another thing I loved about this story was the references and quotes to some of my favorite films. Even the chapter titles had film references in them, which I thought was a really clever idea. It made me want to crash out on the sofa with a big bowl of ice cream and watch all my favorite chick flicks.

If you're in the mood for the kind of romance that will sweep you of your feet this is the book for you. Get clicking peeps, you won't regret it. 

This book was like a big, warm, adorable hug and It gets 5 dreamy hearts from me! 

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