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Review: D.H Sidebottom's "The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly #2)."

5 Hearts Review: D.H Sidebottom's "The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly #2)." 


An Angel visited me three times in my life. I would like to say that I deserved each visit, but we all know, I didn’t; in fact far from it. 
I didn’t even deserve to see the sun rise the day after I first saw Mae, an angel amongst the chaos of Satan who resided inside me. Her wide beautiful smile eclipsed everything else around me. I selfishly took that smile and I created a screaming hell with it. I took her dreams and I sculptured nightmares from them. 

The first time I was given a piece of Mae’s soul, death took it away and through the years that followed, I was only ever granted it twice again. 

The second was the day I met our daughter, the reflection of her mother. Annie was the angel formed from the sins of my own soul. Yet her light drown my dark, her smile broke my anger and her innocence massacred my past. 

The third time… well that is what you are about to witness. The third, and final piece granted was the last card played, the closing hand dealt. The definitive roll of the dice and the conclusion to my story. 
Would my angel grant me redemption against the sins I indulged, even in loving her? Was life and death the deliverance of resolution? And did my butterfly, soaring with the wings of an angel, award me forgiveness? 

I’m sure many of you will interpret this story in your own way, each of you as in Mae’s death, experiencing either a happy ever after, or an ending without hope or escape. And I have no doubt that you will all see the end to my own story in many different ways. But whichever way you go for, I, myself, know that I was granted the ending I feel I deserve. I earned. 

I am Daniel Shepherd, and this is the story of my Salvation.

Review: Surj Harvey

Holy guacamole D.H Sidebottom... way to give your readers a coronary... OMG "The Salvation of Daniel" really did give my blood pressure a run for it's money but I absolutely loved this conclusion to Daniel Shepherd's story. It was completely not what I expected and the author definitely sent the readers on a wild goose chase with those teasers that's for sure. Expect the unexpected folks because this book was full to the brim with surprises, twists and turns that I never saw coming. There were so many "woah," "no way" and sh*t the freakin' bed" moments and my heart completely bottomed out on more than one occasion. If you thought you needed your big girl panties for "The Decimation of Mae,"   trust me, that book had nothing on this second installment to the series.  I think you're going to need your grannie's big bloomers for this one because what transpires as the story unfolds will leave your blood cold and your nerves shot. 

History had a habit of biting you on the arse. 
Well for me, I had a feeling history would more than bite; it would slaughter. 

Daniel Shepherd was a man who had frightened the living daylights out of me. He had been cold, calculated, heartless... a man with no conscience and his actions had left me sick to my stomach. However.... the turn of events at the end of Mae's book saw me brought to my knees as he sought to redeem himself ... which he did and I for one handed over a little piece of my heart to him. However, despite making a fresh start and trying to live as normal a life as possible, his past was hot on his heels and it was only a matter of time before it came knocking... two years... two years of peace ... and then all hell broke loose. The question that remained a constant throughout this book was.. could a leopard ever change his spots or would Daniel succumb to the pull of the darkness that lay dormant within him? 

She wanted darkness, then I'd make sure she never saw the light ever again. 

Daniel's character made my heart hurt. I could feel the guilt and  shame for all that he had done and he would never forgive himself for his actions. Mae had changed him, showed him a side he never knew existed and he clung to that for dear life. He could be a better man... he was a better man and he deserved to be loved and could love. That was clearly evident with Annie Belly. My god, she was just the most adorable little thing and I could see why Daniel would protect her with his life. She was his world. 

"To fear pain is a burden. To feed from agony is a burden."

Connie's character surprised me at every turn ... you'll need to have an open mind with her because some of her actions are... well kind of left field but hey, who am I to judge? Connie was the complete opposite of Mae. She was strong, feisty, didn't take kindly to be ordered around. She was one kick ass heroine and Daniel was no match for her because honestly, there's nothing worse than a woman scorned and out for revenge. When these two came to logger heads, it was all out war!!! 

Life was an execution. Death was a privilege.

D.H Sidebottom really pulled out all the stops with the conclusion to Mae and Daniel's story. There was no sugar coating what so ever, leaving the reader with a raw, gritty, brutal story line that was unpredictable right to the very last page. She also pulled some very gutsy moves with the twists and turns she featured... I never saw them coming and I have a feeling they will cause quite the debate. For me, each curve ball slotted into the story line seamlessly, and with the explanations given, there wasn't a stone left unturned that appeared out of place.  

"I was her decimation. She was my salvation." 

Looking for your next dark, f**ked up read, then look no further. This series has been fantastic and I'm really happy with the way Daniel and Mae's story was wrapped up. "The Salvation of Daniel" was about good vs evil, light vs dark. It was about redemption, forgiveness and hope. 

I cannot wait to get Connie and Isaac's story which releases in Spring 2015. 

I rated this book 5 Hearts. 

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