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Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 6-No Reservations (The Affair, # 6)".

Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 6-No Reservations (The Affair, # 6)".


Overwhelmed with worry for the safety of her heart, Emma tells Montand what few women have: No. But as he reminds her, she promised him she'd be his for five weeks, and promised herself she'd never again run away from a challenge. Especially one so irresistible. Now, on the glamorous playground of the Cote d'Azur Emma and Montand indulge in the all-or-nothing pleasures of the rich and famous--from the Cannes roulette wheels, to the most decadent restaurants to the dark challenges and raptures of the bedroom, they're set on a dizzying, dangerous course...and there's no turning back.

But when Montand is suddenly faced with his past and his vulnerability, he realizes that the woman he's come to worship will not be a part of his future.


As the story of Emma and Montand progresses, I am continuing to see more sides to their characters. I'm loving watching the relationship between the couple develop and strengthen and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them. 

Had she given him too many days and weeks? 
If she felt this now, how would she be weeks in the future.

In this part I found that Emma had a feisty and stubborn side to her that I was not expecting. Emma felt that Montand was taking control of her life and she had no hesitation in telling him so. I couldn't help feel a little frustrated with her reaction towards Montand and maybe a little protective of Montands ways. That man has gotten under my skin!! 

He was taking over her life, and he couldn't seem to understand 
how much emptier that would make her when he was gone.

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with this man. I see nothing but a romantic, generous man who continued to act so lovingly towards Emma. He wanted to give her the time of her life in the South of France. I was green with envy as I read all about the beautiful and romantic trip that Emma was being treated to. What a lucky girl!! 

"I could be doing the kinkiest of things in the world to you, and I'd still be making love to you." 

The closer this story gets to the end, the more I'm beginning to wonder what is going to happen between Emma and Montand. My heart sinks when I think of something bad coming between them and I just hope that they get the happy ending they both deserve. 

"No Reservations" gets 4 beautiful hearts from me.

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