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Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair-Week 4-Forbidden Fruit (The Affair, # 4)".

Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair-Week 4-Forbidden Fruit (The Affair, # 4)".


Five weeks total. That was the limit Emma placed on the affair. No more, no less. And right now it was opening her up to decadent pleasures she never imagined possible. The effect on Montand was equally liberating. Emma was bringing him back into the world of the living, and her buoyant spirit, freshness and lust for life made him ravenously hungry for more.

His darkness was being drawn to her light, and for both of them, the experience was electrifying. But for Emma it was something even more. Lost in the world of Montand's exquisitely sensual challenges Emma's beginning to feel something dangerously close to love. And now she fears that five weeks with Montand could leave her deliriously vulnerable, and in far too deep to ever survive.


Now that Emma had made her decision to commit to Montand for five weeks, it was time for the couple to truly get to know each other. But would five weeks be enough?

With each part of the series, I see Emma and Montand becoming closer and closer. I felt that in this part, they were both determined to make the most of the five weeks they had promised each other.

"If I'm only going to have you for a limited period of time, I want you completely." 

Emma was once again swept up in the romance of Montand. He continued to treat her so lovingly and I was becoming increasingly certain that she was falling head over heals for him. Emma was in a relationship that was full of passion and heat, like nothing she had known before. She was discovering a whole new erotic side to her with Montand and she was beginning to embrace the excitement of it all. Yes, peeps there was plenty of hot scenes in this part of the story! Have your oven gloves ready as your kindle may overheat!! 

"I want to hear you scream to the high heavens." 

Montand was increasingly surprised by his strength of feelings for Emma. He was turned on by everything she did and he wanted her like no other woman. Montand also saw himself opening to Emma. Sharing more information into his mysterious past then ever before. I felt that he was starting to trust her and it was good to see him having someone to share his life with. I am beginning to think that maybe it will be harder for Montand when the five weeks are up.

She was just a women, like so many before. He knew this. So why did it all feel so different?

I loved seeing how their relationship is developing with each part of the story and I can't wait for more.

"Forbidden Fruit" was another sexy addition to the series and it gets 4 kinky hearts from me!

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