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Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 3-Take A Chance (The Affair #3)".

Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 3-Take A Chance (The Affair #3)".


What was it about a man as damaged as Montand that made Emma say yes when she should have fled and never looked back? His intense sexual preferences intrigued her more than she’d been willing to admit. But now that she’s been privy to his secrets—including a long-ago family tragedy, and the true identity of a woman who lurks in the shadows of his mansion—Emma fears she’ll be just one more submissive conquest in Montand’s troubled life. And then abandoned like so many who came before.

She needs to be strong and protect her heart, but her desires won’t let her resist. So, if their affair is to continue it’ll be on her conditions: it will not continue indefinitely, only she can end it, and when it’s over, they’ll part and never speak again of the things they dared to do behind the locked doors of the Breakers.


I have become truly addicted to this story. As soon as I start reading, everything around me stops and I easily becoming so lost in the world of Emma and Montand. I feel like I want to devour the whole series in one go, desperately needing to know what the future holds for this captivating couple. 

In part three it is time for Emma to make a decision. Can she walk away from Montand or will she give in to temptation allowing herself the opportunity to explore the sexual attraction that she feels for Montand? I know what I would choose!! 

"I have never wanted a woman the way I do you. Tell me what you need to make this right."

Emma certainly had a lot to think about. She was so innocent and naive and I felt that someone like Montand could totally ruin her. I think that it would be impossible for Emma to guard her heart, she was such a loving person, the type of girl that could easily have her heartbroken. Despite the risks, she was intrigued by Montand's world. He had opened her eyes to desires and feelings that were entirely new to her. Emma needed to protect her heart if she was going to agree to the affair. 

"Anyone can come, Emma. I want you to burn."

Montand becomes more and more intriguing with every book released. As I read each part of The Affair, I am given new pieces to the puzzle that is this man. Although I feel that I am getting to know Montand, there is still so much to learn about him. He has the ability to turn hot and cold at the drop of a hat, leaving me feeling confused by my own feelings towards him. Montand continues to be an enigma. 

"I'm just a man, Emma. I'm not so twisted that you can't see that, am I?"

In this part of the series, I began to see a vulnerable side to him that pulled on my heart strings. I loved the way that he continued to treat Emma. Montand made Emma feel so cherished. He acted so lovingly towards her and the more that I read, the more I can see myself falling head over heels for this man. How on earth will Emma stop herself from doing the same, I just don't know! 

This series continues to be a captivating and intriguing story and always leaves me ready for the next part.

The Affair-Part Three gets 4 captivating hearts from me! 

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