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Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 2- Soon (The Affair # 2)".

Review: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 2-Soon (The Affair # 2)".
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Emma is unlike anyone he’s ever known, fresh and surprising, sweet yet intensely sensual. He knew he shouldn’t touch Emma but he’s a Montand, after all. Strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood—no matter how much he’d wish otherwise…for Emma’s sake.

Emma can’t help but feel somewhat compromised by the impulsive sexual tryst she shared with her billionaire employer but Emma has to admit…she wanted it. Besides, working in Montand’s sprawling mansion as a hospice nurse to Montand’s stepmother, Emma anticipated a few surprises. Still, she never expected what came next: an exquisite gift, an apology and a proposition—a sexual affair that promises to fulfill every fantasy Emma ever had. And a few she never dared imagine.

But a deathbed revelation from Montand’s stepmother is about to shatter every illusion Emma had about her position at the Breakers, her future with Montand, and her own innocence.


I am so intrigued by this story. The mystery just goes on and on!

In this second part to the story, Emma and Montand were unable to ignore the chemistry between them any longer. The sexual tension that they shared was like nothing either of them had ever felt before. 

"All that matters is you and me, and what feels right.
What feels good. The way you feel is new to me."

Finally, Emma had found someone to rock her world. She was completely dazzled by Montand, swept up in the romance of everything that was happening to her. I was so happy for her but I had my suspicions about the mysteries Montand. Could he truly be her Prince Charming? I had my doubts.

It wasn't everyday she was set on fire by a gorgeous, aloof, 
cynical billionaire who kissed her like he thought she was his last meal on earth.

Montand was an enigma. A man with a cold-hearted reputation, I was utterly shocked to find that he was quite the romantic. Emma appeared to bring out a softer, gentler side to him and it was one that I could easily fall in love with. Despite Monatand acting so caring and affectionate towards Emma, I was still aware that there was a dark side lurking and I couldn't wait to find out what caused this darkness.

"I am selfish. But I don't want to be. Not with you."

Together Emma and Montand promised to be a hot and sexy couple. I saw a sexual confidence in Emma that surprised me. Montand obviously awakened a passionate side to her and if they continue their affair, I can foresee a whole lot of erotic moments. I can't wait!

"I'm not going to rest until I feel you shake against me." 

Once again I was wondering what skeletons this family had in their closet, especially when the final words were spoken by Christine Montand on her deathbed. Gaaah, what did she mean? And what did it have to do with Montand?

Part two has left me even more confused and desperate to know more. Bring on part three and hopefully some much needed answers!

"The Affair #2" gets 4 even more intriguing hearts from me.

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