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Review: Whitney G's "Reasonable Doubt Three."

5 Star Review: Whitney G's "Reasonable Doubt Three."

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I hate him… 

I hate that I fell in love with him, I hate that he didn’t love me back, and I hate the fact that I just made a life-altering decision just so I could get the hell away from him. 

He’d always said that he was unchangeable, heartless, and cold… 

I really should’ve believed him… 

Review: Kirsty Lander

Ahhhh I loved this! Finally.. a 5* read, albeit a small one. 

It's been a few months since I read the rest of this series, so before I started book three I did have to go back and refresh my memory by reading parts of one and two. It's not really an issue, just something that usually happens when there is a big gap between books. My poor brain can't store too much information! Once I did finally start reading I found everything coming back to me and that's always a good sign in a sequel. I hate when an author just expects you to remember.. I like a reminder.

Aubrey and Andrew still aren't on great terms. Aubrey loves Andrew, but Andrew doesn't want to know and he's cold. So freaking cold! I don't know how Aubrey put up with him and his awful ways.. I would have been running for the hills if I had been treated the way he treated her at times. 

"Sorry to see that you regret meeting me, as I don't regret meeting you - 
only that I fucked you more than once."

I still found Andrew's character so interesting though. Obviously by this point we know that he has some dark secrets and reasons as to why he is so cold and shut off to love, but I either had forgotten those reasons (with them being in the first two books) or it hadn't been spoken about yet. Whichever was the case, when it is discussed and spoken about in the book I found that everything just clicked in to place. Sometimes there is no real reason for a character's awful behaviour, but I personally think it was well justified here. I'm not sure I could have been as forgiving and understanding as Aubrey, given the circumstances, but it certainly did go some way to explain him.

Having said all of this about Andrew's character, I did love his and Aubrey's relationship all the same. It's fiery. Kept interesting throughout the whole book.. I don't need to be bored by constant declarations of love. I like to see characters going through issues and coming out stronger than ever, and that's exactly what happened here.

I'm a little sad that the series is over and that it was so short, because it was brilliant, but I'll hold out hope that the author may give us a little taster again some time in the future.

I rated "Reasonable Doubt Three" 5 Hearts

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