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Review: Abbi Glines "One More Chance (Chance #2)."

5 Hearts Review: Abbi Glines "One More Chance (Chance #2)."

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Grant Carter did everything in his power to convince Harlow Manning that he was a good guy. More than a smooth-talker and someone she could trust. He had to overcome his reputation as a playboy, and his history with Harlow's half-sister, Nan, a woman with a reputation of her own.

Harlow had taken the chance, falling hard and fast for the guy who thrilled her with his all-consuming desire. After a lifetime of avoiding bad boys like Grant, she had opened herself to the possibilities of love...

But a life-changing secret has torn them apart, and now Grant and Harlow must decide if they have enough fight to make it work - or if the pain of betrayal has permanently destroyed their future.

Review: Surj Harvey

From the minute I met Grant Carter (way back when), I'd been itching for him to get his own book. There was just something about him that piqued my interest and he definitely had me intrigued. Well you know what they say...curiosity killed the cat!!! I was gutted when I finally read "Take a Chance" because Grant Carter was not the man I believed him to be... far from it and when he pulled the "asshole" card, my worst fears were confirmed. He was a dick and I didn't like him much at all. This man had some serious redeeming to do if he was ever going to get back into my good books and I was praying that Abbi Glines would give that to me in this conclusion to his story entitled "One more Chance." 

Her heart had been beating, and she had been breathing, 
but mine had stopped. It was my worst nightmare come to life. 

Well, to say I was caught off guard is an understatement because I really wasn't expecting to forgive Grant quite so quickly. In fact all it took was reading the first page and I was a gonna. There was so much guilt, so much pain, regret and hurt and I felt every single bit of it. This was a man who had done wrong and he was trying desperately to make immense for it but with Harlow gone and no one letting on as to her whereabouts, he could do nothing but beg and plead through the power of voice mail. 

"I've never been so empty in my life. You took my soul with you. You took my heart. I'm this 
empty shell who goes through the motions every day, waiting for you to call me. Waiting until 
you answer my calls. I never imagined a life like this, but without you I can't imagine life." 

However, this was not the only battle this couple would have to face. Nope, because a cruel twist of fate or a dream come true (depending on which way you look at it) meant that the fight of their lives was waiting just around the corner and it would take every ounce of strength for them to deal with it head on. Grant and Harlow had so much to look forward to and were hoping for the best but with so much going against them, they were also preparing for the worst. 

I loved Grant Carter. I loved him so much. But I loved someone else just as fiercely. 

I saw so much growth in both Grant and Harlow's characters over the course of their story. Grant had truly gone from boy to responsible adult and he would do anything and everything to protect Harlow and keep her safe. The heart breaking truth of it was, he no longer had any control over her life or her future. It was out of his hands. And Harlow... beautiful, brave, selfless, Harlow. Gone was the introverted, quiet girl and in her place was a woman who had a strength that was second to none and I felt an immense sense of pride towards her. 

I loved seeing the folk of Rosemary beach come together when one of their own needed their help. Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della were always on hand as good friends should be, whether it was to offer words of comfort and support or to give those they loved a good wake up call ... they were there and I loved each and every one of them for that. 

"You came into my life. You changed my world. You made me realise I'm capable of loving completely. You’re my one. You’re my it. This is my epic love, and I can’t lose that.”

As much as each of of the books in the "Rosemary Beach" series have been emotional in their own way, I think Harlow and Grant's story really did win hands down in bringing me to my knees. From about 65% onwards with a lump firmly lodged in my throat, the tears started to fall and as much as I tried to be brave, the more I read, the harder the tears fell. If it wasn't the beautiful, heart felt letters, it was the curve balls thrown in for good measure and if it wasn't that, then it was the characters and the decisions that were made. Don't worry though, it wasn't all doom and gloom. There were even moments where I cried from happiness where giggles were mixed in with sobs (not an attractive sight let me tell you)." 

This was such a perfect, realistic conclusion to Grant and Harlow's story and as much as it put me through the emotional ringer, I loved every single thing about it, from the deeply flawed characters to the story line to the twists thrown in for good measure to the bitch that was Nan who couldn't help but make an appearance (and continue to grate on my every nerve). 

He thought I was the hero of our story. How wrong he was. He had been the hero all along. 

I can't wait for the next installment in the "Rosemary Beach" series which gives us Bethy and Tripp's story and I know without a shadow of a doubt, this one really is going to rip my heart out. However, there are another couple of characters that I was introduced to in this sub series and I'm really hoping that we get their stories at some point. Firstly Mace (Harlow's half brother) and secondly, the dirty dawg that was Major (the cheaky chappie who has trouble written all over him but in the best possible way). 

I couldn't rate "One more Chance" anything less than 5 emotionally charged Hearts. 

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