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Review: Jody Ellen Malpas "This Man."

Review: Jodi Ellen Malpas' "This Man."

~ 4 Hearts Review ~

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Young interior designer Ava O’Shea has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Mr Jesse Ward. She is expecting nothing more than an overweight, cravat wearing, well-to-do countryman, and on arrival, nothing would suggest otherwise. How wrong could she be? This Man is devastatingly handsome, charming and confident. He is also a conceited, hedonistic playboy, who knows no boundaries. Ava desperately does not want to be attracted to him, but she can’t control the overwhelming affect he has on her. Every instinct is telling her to run, so she does, but Jesse Ward is not so willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. She knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won’t let her?

Review: Kirsty Lander

Well that was all very.. um.. interesting? Yep, interesting.

I know I'm late to jump on the Jesse Ward bandwagon, I'd had the books on my kindle forever but something else always came along. Well, I finally bit the bullet and got a CRAZY. I think the story itself is actually pretty unique, I can't recall that I've ever read something similar. That instantly made it a winner. 

Jesse Ward, to me, was not my favourite book boyfriend. In the slightest. The whole way through I really struggled to work out what on earth people find so attractive about him? Right from the off he just came across as an arrogant pig. I love reading about a possessive and alpha male in my books (who doesn't?) but they actually have to be a little nice too. That didn't seem to be the case here. Jesse was/is SO BIZARRE. I hate how controlling he is, to the point of actually treating Ava like a 5 year old. His double standards on swearing had me wanting to strangle him pretty much every chapter. Every time Ava swore she is greeted with "Watch your fucking mouth." every single time. Talk about a hypocrite. That was just a couple of his odd behaviours. Don't get me wrong, parts of his personality did have me giggling and towards the end I did feel for him, because he is obviously very broken and just needs to share that with someone.. Ava. His vulnerability was actually a welcome change. 

"I'm going to possess every. Single. Part. Of. You.
There will be nowhere on this beautiful body that won't have had me in it, on it or over it."

Ava herself I think deserved a freaking medal for putting up with half of Jesse's crap. I don't know that many women are going to be so keen to have someone dictate your whole life. No matter how good in bed they are, and yep, according to Ava, he is very good. At times, she did also annoy me. I don't know how many times she needed to run away when things get tough, but it seemed to be all the time. It was tiresome and made me want to shake her. On the whole though, I enjoyed her character and her friendship with her roomie, Kate. She is just a normal chick caught up in a crazy hurricane, going by the name of Jesse.

"The influence he has over my body is extraordinary. I don't think I am weak, 
I think he is too powerful - he definitely holds the power."

At times I felt like giving up on this book because, despite how much I did enjoy it in the end, it did take me a long time to really care and be invested. And now that I have come to the end, I am annoyed at myself because I want to read all three books back to back and I can't. I have other books I need to read first. 

"Oh dear, he's trampled into my life and stole my heart, and there's nothing I can do about it."

I am looking forward to hopefully finding more out about Jesse in the next book and working out the puzzle that his life is. I want to know what happened in his past, what causes him to be so bossy and controlling and for him to finally reveal his bloody age.
I rated "This Man" 4 Hearts

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