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Review: Charles Sheehan- Miles' "Falling Stars (A Thompson Sisters Novella)."

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It's Live everyone. Charles Sheehan-Miles "Falling Stars (A Thompson Sisters Novella)" is out. Here's our review and the Amazon Purchasing links. 

~4 Hearts Review ~

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Crank Wilson and Julia Thompson love each other madly. But after Crank’s huge mistake during the summer, on the road with Crank’s rock band Morbid Obesity, they aren’t getting along. 

Sean Wilson and Carrie Thompson are the seventeen year old younger siblings of Julia and Crank. Carrie is on her way to New York to start college at Columbia University and Sean is on his way home to Boston. For the next five days, they’re stuck in a car. Along the way, they’ll contend with screaming matches, giant spiders and a 240-pound pissed off Marine.

And the whole way, Crank will be faced with one question. After he screwed up so badly, is there any way he can win Julia back?

Review: Kirsty Lander: 

It's no secret that I am a fan of Charles' books, so when I found out that he was writing a novella I was so excited.. regardless of who it was about. When I found it was about not only Julia and Crank, but Sean and Carrie too? I was REALLY excited. Reading about The Thompson Sisters for me is like visiting old friends, catching up with family, and just generally feeling so comforted by their words. I have read and loved all three books written about them, and Falling Stars was no exception. Although the book is fairly short, it certainly packs a punch and it felt like a little treat being back in their world.

"Before we met, Julia was the loneliest person in the world. 
I didn't want her to be lonely any more."

This book goes back in time a little.. after A Song For Julia but before both Just Remember To Breathe and The Last Hour. You may worry that that can be confusing, trying to remember when such and such happened, but that is not necessary. Charles always has a way of making you fit right back in there and not worry about the when. It just comes naturally. Crank and Julia are going through some... issues at the start of this book. It isn't obvious to start with what is going on between them, but I felt sad all the same. In A Song for Julia, Julia is such a strong, put together woman, and her relationship with Crank is one of the most important things to her. So, to see them less than happy? It was a little unnerving. 

"Jesus, Julia. I want to hug you forever. I want to hold you in my arms all night long. 
I want to make love to you. But more than that.. I want to touch you. I want you to be mine."

You'd think a road trip with their siblings, Carrie and Sean, would just mean disaster, wouldn't you? Nuhuh, not here. I love both Carrie and Sean separately, but having them working as a team to help Julia and Crank see the errors of their ways in their relationship, and having them realise what they are missing out on by acting like a pair of prats, was just.. special. They are so wise and mature, and Sean in particular did not think twice about calling Crank out on his shit.. who knew a a little knock to the head from your younger brother could have you seeing sense? *giggles* Charles, if you see this, please for the love of God write a book for Sean. I just know he has a story to tell and I would read it right this second if I could.

Overall this book was just what I needed. It was a brilliant little book to keep you going until the next instalment from The Sister's is out. I don't need a massive book with all the pain and angst (I had enough of that in The Last Hour, which Charles, you are still not forgiven for), so a short story, with entertainment levels and the right amount of crap to keep us interested? I was all for it. I can't wait to see what is next.

"You're fucking nuts, Crank. Nuts. Completely, absolutely crazy."
I took one breath. Then I said, "Then go crazy with me." ♥

I rated "Falling Stars" 4 Hearts 

*ARC provided to The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog in exchange for an honest review.*

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