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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Danielle A. Elwood's "Take Me Out."

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Blog Tour: Danielle A. Elwood's "Take Me Out."
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Charlotte grew up in the Boston socialite spotlight.
Bentley grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.
One chance baseball game will change both of their lives forever.
But will their relationship stand the test of ex-lovers, arson, and
Charlotte's parents?

Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

Two people not looking for a relationship, ... one chance meeting and their lives were never going to be the same again. Holy hell was there instant attraction when it came to Charlie and Bentley and from the word go, I just knew what would develop would be intense and more than likely very hot. Yup, I was right. Although nothing was ever going to be straight forward, despite their best efforts. 

Bentley Young was born on the wrong side of the tracks with very little love and affection and the first chance he got, he was out of there. His character was one to make anyone proud. He'd made it through high school and was studying pre law at college without any support. This was a man who was determined to make it on his own and that was something I truly admired in him. Unfortunately, his view of the female race and the way he treated them was most definitely something not to be admired. Apparently he was the "Bang and bounce" kind as so eloquently put by a few of his fellow characters!!! Thank god that changed when he met Charlie:

There was never a desire for more on my side. Until Charlotte of course. There was
 just something different about her. I needed more. I wanted her to be mine forever. 

Don't get me wrong, there were a few times his actions made my blood boil, where I couldn't believe what he had done but on the plus side, he never kept anything a secret. If he fucked up, he came clean. 

Charlotte Ann Windsor was such an independent woman. She was strong in character and had quite a feisty side to her too but much of that went to mush when Bentley walked into her life:

Despite the mystery, there was a connection between us. Something I'd never felt before. It certainly had a sexual aspect to it , but it was much more. 
We just meshed perfectly regardless of our differences. 

Although I liked her character, there were times she left me a little confused. She was a virgin and was adamant that when she slept with someone, it would be special. I was surprised she happily gave it up after a night of drunkenness  I guess I was even more disappointed that Bentley let it happen. I thought maybe he'd persuade her to wait and make it special. I guess not. There were also a few other occasions where her actions seemed really out of character for her. At 48%, I found myself saying, "Really?" I just couldn't imagine her character coming out with what she said. 

Unfortunately their relationship was fraught with obstacles. I mean there were crazy red head ex's, arson, Bentley's womanising past and even Charlie's family all deciding to throw a spanner in the works. I kept wondering when these two would finally get a break. There were even a few twists (a couple I was expecting) but one I definitely wasn't that really left me heart broken for the couple. 

The secondary characters definitely put their stamp on the story with Drew and Shay and Charlie's brothers definitely adding something to the plot. But Charlie's mother... OMG what a bitch!!! I was left completely speechless by her outburst:

"Charlotte Ann Windsor! How could you do this to me? How could you do this to our family? 
How could you run our name through the mud again?"

What came after this quote left me ready to strangle her!!!

In all, the story line was a good one, a little rushed at times (especially the speed at which the relationship developed). I did lose track of the time a couple of times though and when a 2 month time frame was mentioned, I was definitely a little surprised. Unfortunately, some of the sentences and wording also reduced my enjoyment of the book. There could have been more use of contracted words. Because there wasn't, I just felt that when the characters were talking to one another, it just sounded a little robotic. I ignored it to begin with but as the story progressed, it really did start to grate on me. 
This is definitely a Sunday/ beach read. 
I rated "Take Me Out" 3 Hearts

Author Bio:

Danielle A. Elwood is a blogger by trade who started writing her first romance novel Take Me Out as a hobby in 2012. She is a avid romance novel lover herself,  which inspired her to take the leap into writing her own. She was born and raised in Connecticut and is relocating to Florida in April of 2013 with her family.

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