Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Review: Angel Payne's "Bolt: Volume 1(Bolt #1-3)."


Working the night shift at one of Downtown LA’s hottest hotels, Emmalina Crist has had her fair share of strange encounters—but none of them have prepared her for meeting Reece Richards, the charismatic bad boy of the Richards Resorts dynasty. Emma and Reece share an experience unlike anything they could have imagined, leaving Reece enraptured and Emma weighing the consequences of this supercharged night of passion with her boss.
But Emma learns fighting the flames only fans them, as Reece saves her life and is compelled to reveal his true identity as Bolt, the city’s superhero savior. She’s always wanted more than just a typical relationship, but falling in love with the man behind the mask is one electrifying ride. Defining their relationship is no easy task—particularly while they’re being subjected to the media’s spotlight, their families’ intrusions, and racing to stay one step ahead of the fringe scientists who want to get Reece back on their lab table.
Emma is helpless to resist Reece’s passion and power. He’s bolted her heart and soul forever. But can she reach beyond the normal expectations of reality, and even herself, to fight for the one ultimate superpower—true love? 


I loved Angel Payne's "Misadventures with a Superhero", so discovering that the story was going to continue on in a brand new series was the best kind of news. I couldn't wait for more Bolt and Emma. In this first part of the story, I had the pleasure of rereading the parts that I had already in the Misadventures novel, plus new extra scenes. Angel Payne didn't let me down. I enjoyed everything that I was reading.

"He's untamed shrapnel in my mouth, everywhere at once, 
setting me a fire with every sweep of his tongue."

I absolutely loved being reunited with Reece and Emma again. Reece was the most swoon-worthy man and Emma made the perfect heroine, able to deal with all of the drama that comes with dating a superhero. Together they shared such electrifying chemistry that it bounced off the pages. Their sex scenes were hotter than hell and they also had a whole lot of tender moments too. I adored this couple and can't wait for the rest of their story to play out in "Ignite." 

"It's frenzied, fiery, passionate, and frightening-
and I never want it to be any other way." 

The first book in Bolt and Emma's exciting series made my pulse race and my heart skip-a-beat. I loved the style of writing, fell even more in love with the characters and there were moments that I didn't want to be parted from my kindle. I wholeheartedly recommend reading this superhero romance. 

"She's my hurricane. My cyclone. My blizzard. My force of nature."

"Bolt" gets 4.5 ❤️'s from me.

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