Monday, 5 February 2018

Review: Jo Watson's "Love to Hate You."


Sera is usually a good girl. (Except for one wild night in the backseat of a stranger's car!) But what happens when that bad boy turns out to be her new boss? And what happens when he wants more than one night...and he can be very persuasive...

Review: Jo 

I've wanted to read a Jo Watson novel for a while now so I jumped at the chance to review"Love to Hate You." And it truly was the best decision because this was a fantastic story. A story that became more and more addictive with each new chapter. I was so hooked on Ben and Sera's romance that I didn't stop reading until my kindle battery died and I had no option. 

"Your touch is like a drug and all I want is my next hit." 

The story of Ben and Sera was a passionate, fiery and highly amusing read. I loved the way that the couple's relationship progressed. From the angsty and hilarious banter to the gorgeous slow burn. I adored every single minute of it. Slow burns are a mixed bag for me, sometimes I love them but more often than not, they either drive me crazy or I end up losing interest and I give up. Thankfully this one was a relationship that I enjoyed. The chemistry between the couple was so intense and the way they acted towards each other kept my entertained throughout every chapter. There was a few occasions when I wanted to step into the book just to tell Sera to stop being so difficult, but other than that, I loved what was happening. 

"There's nothing you could tell me that would make me think, 
or feel, anything less for you."

The main couple were both easy to love and root for. Sera was strong, independent and selfless. She also had a fun sense of humour which I saw a lot of throughout her dialogue with Ben. I spent a lot of time chuckling at the things Sera said or did during this book. Ben was so lovely. I fell for him the minute I met him. He didn't need any help winning me other. I loved everything about him. I swooned over the way that Ben treated Sera. For him it was insta-love and there was no hiding that. Ben went all out in demonstrating his feelings for Sera and it melted my heart. He was a man that turned my heart to mush. 

"I want to be part of your life. Even the bad bits." 

Before I go, I just want to also include Sera's friends JJ and Bruce in this review because they were a delightful addition to the story. I loved the dynamics of their relationship with Sera. They were equally as lovable as Ben and Sera. 

This novel was a brilliant read from beginning to end. Ben and Sera's love made me smile and with a perfect epilogue that finished off the story in the best way, my heart was deliciously full. 

"Love to Hate You" gets an easy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from me.

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