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Review: Emma Chase's "Sustained (Legal Briefs #2)."

Review: Emma Chase's "Sustained (Legal Briefs #2)."
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A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight.

When you’re a defense attorney in Washington, DC, you see firsthand how hard life can be, and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder. I, Jake Becker, have a reputation for being cold, callous, and intimidating—and that suits me just fine. In fact, it’s necessary when I’m breaking down a witness on the stand.

Complications don’t work for me—I’m a “need-to-know” type of man. If you’re my client, tell me the basic facts. If you’re my date, stick to what will turn you on. I’m not a therapist or Prince Charming—and I don’t pretend to be.

Then Chelsea McQuaid and her six orphaned nieces and nephews came along and complicated the ever-loving hell out of my life. Now I'm going to Mommy & Me classes, One Direction concerts, the emergency room, and arguing cases in the principal's office.

Chelsea’s too sweet, too innocent, and too gorgeous for her own good. She tries to be tough, but she’s not. She needs someone to help her, defend her…and the kids.

And that — that, I know how to do. 

Review: Kirsty

This book was absolutely brilliant!

“All a man has is his word. That he says what he means and does what he says.”

I can honestly say that I haven't read an Emma Chase book that I haven't loved. Her writing is flawless. I love her witty sense of humour and the fact that she can have me laughing one minute and in tears the next. This book brought out every kind of emotion imaginable. I loved it from start to finish.

The main characters could be two of my favourites. Which I'm sure I say about all of her books ;) Defence Attorney, Jake Becker, doesn't do relationships. He doesn't do commitment of any sort. He's a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy. "Sorry, Cinderella, but the clock struct twelve. The coach has turned back into a pumpkin and it's time to collect your glass slipper. I never pretended to be Prince Charming." So when he encounters Chelsea, guardian to 5 of her nieces and nephews after a tragic accident that killed her brother and sister-in-law, he can't understand why she is all he thinks about. He isn't used to the thoughts and feelings that her and her rowdy bunch make him feel.

Chelsea and her family were one of the best I have read about. I loved discovering their quirky ways and seeing how on earth her and Jake could ever possibly work. 

"Of course I like you. Out of all the little shits in the world, the six of you are my favorite."

As I've mentioned, Emma Chase's writing was brilliant. I was instantly glued from the moment I started reading and nothing was going to make me put it down. Her books are so damn funny, but at the same time have very serious moments in it that get you thinking and at times, crying. I love that about her work.

"A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight."

I'll be reading anything that Emma releases and I can't wait to see what is next.

I rated "Sustained" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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