Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Review: Kendall Ryan's "Misadventures with the Boss (Misadventures #12)."


At age twenty-nine, Piper Daniels is having the longest dry spell of her life. When she agrees to be set up on a blind date, she never expects it to end with the hottest sex of her life. 

But when she discovers that her very well-endowed secret lover is also her new boss, heartless womanizer and cutthroat CEO Jackson Dane, she chalks it up to a one-time mistake and puts up her best professional front. But Jackson isn’t used to rejection, and if Piper thinks it’s going to be easy to move on from their tryst, she’s underestimated his determination.

Review: Jo 

I only had to see the title of this next Misadventures book to know that it was the book for me. "Misadventures with the Boss" was exactly what I look for in a romance novel. It was sexy, swoony with the perfect amount of tension and chemistry. And I can't forget the plot twist that left me frantically tearing through the pages. Piper and Jackson's story was hands down my favourite of the series so far. I loved it! 

"He was everything. And I could do nothing to deny him." 

I really loved the main two characters in this story. Piper was sweet and lovely and so easy to like. Jackson, at first appearance was the hot but moody boss, however that didn't last long. With the progression of Piper and Jackson's relationship I saw a gorgeous side to him and I just loved this couple together. 

"I was head over heels. Which, when it came to Jackson, was way too deep." 

Piper and Jackson made one hell of an exciting couple. The sex scenes were sizzling and their office based romance had me hooked. I struggled to put this one down and it didn't take me long before I reached the final few pages. That was the only part of the book where I felt disappointed. I so wished that I could have had more from this fantastic couple, however I did get a dreamy epilogue that I was more than happy with. 

"....here Piper was, just a hook up, I'd told myself. Just a temporary employee. 
But she was so much more than that. So much more."

I easily recommend one-clicking this brilliant standalone novel as soon as it releases. 

"Misadventures with the Boss" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.

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