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Review: Beth Flynn's "A Gift of Time (Nine Minutes # 3)."
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Are some secrets meant to stay buried?

Three months have passed since Jason “Grizz” Talbot was put to death by lethal injection for crimes he committed. His former wife, Ginny, whom he had abducted from a convenience store when she was a teenager and became the love obsession of his life, has spent more than the last decade trying to carve out a life of normalcy in the bustling suburbs of Fort Lauderdale—including a thriving and happy marriage to Tommy "Grunt" Dillon, a former member of Grizz’s gang.

Tired of the secrets and the lies, Ginny and Tommy thought the final piece of their past could be left behind forever with Grizz’s execution. However, the past comes crashing around Ginny and Tommy when a newly discovered secret threatens to destroy their marriage. When tragedy strikes, Ginny is forced to reach into her heart and decide, once and for all, what she really wants.

​In this third book in the Nine Minutes trilogy, A Gift of Time takes readers from the busy tropical metropolis of South Florida into the serenity of the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains as Ginny chases down the answers she needs.

Will she have the strength to confront the secrets of her past…and her heart? 

Review: Surj & Jo

Jo: As soon as this book was released, I had been itching to read it. Beth Flynn ended the previous book with such a cliffhanger that I was desperate to know what happened next for Ginny, Tommy and Grizz. I have absolutely loved this series so far, and for me this final instalment was the cherry on the cake. It was an amazing end to a gripping journey. Beth is a writing genius for creating such a fantastic series that has truly captured my attention and earned a place in my heart. 

Surj: You are so right Jo. From the minute I turned the first page of "Nine Minutes" way back when, I knew this series was going to be something special and I was so right. The premise of the story was unlike anything I had read before and I knew this was potentially a huge risk on the authors part considering the subject matters covered. But like you said Jo, Beth Flynn really is a writing genius and she pulled it off so perfectly, with readers eating out of the palms of her hands. And as for this final instalment, wow, "A Gift of Time" truly was devastatingly beautiful. 

Two rings. One of ink and one of gold. Not too many women would 
ever know the blessing of being loved so deeply by more than one man.

Jo: The first half of the book was jam-packed. There was so much going on that we had to keep taking a break so we could digest everything that we were reading. We're sure at one point our brains hurt from the amount of information that was being absorbed. Beth chose to to tell this part of the story from many different POV's and we loved getting to know how the other characters were dealing with things and what they were up to in certain parts of the story. We do wish now that we had reread book two before reading this one, just to jog our memory with the story line so far and to remind ourselves of the characters again. At times, we found ourselves trying to remember certain people and what had happened to them. Despite this, we still enjoyed everything that we were discovering and felt so much apprehension for what lay ahead.

“Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, 
and rearranged to locate us to the place we’re meant to be.”

Surj: "A Gift of Time" truly was a complex, multi faceted story with so many layers, it really did require our undivided attention. There were layers of lies, layers of truths, layers of hurt and layers of betrayal and double crossings. Just when we thought we'd got to the bottom of it and worked it all out, another revelation would go and throw everything up in the air again, leaving us frantically trying to put the pieces back together again. What we did know was that each and every character did wrong (whether to protect or harm those around them) and each and every character was a victim. It was difficult to hate any of those we had met on this journey, especially as their stories were revealed. What we did know was that not a single person would come out of all of this unscathed as everything finally came out in the open. 

The heart I learned, was a resilient little muscle
that wouldn't give up, even when I wanted to.

Part two of this book completely stole my heart Jo. What can I say? I honestly didn't know how "A Gift of time" would end. I wasn't sure how I wanted it to end either. For me, there was no right or wrong. I didn't have an opinion on which way it should go and I trusted Beth Flynn would do right by her characters... and she really did. The last 50% or so was just so beautiful and so unexpected. It all felt so right and just so darn perfect. The kindness, love, devotion, forgiveness, acceptance and sense of family that was just so apparent truly warmed my heart. 

"A life you have to hide from is no life at all."

Jo: I completely agree with you. As soon as I began reading part two, I felt a sense of peace settle over the characters. I felt so much love pour from the pages that followed as Beth finished the series perfectly. Everything about this part of the story made me happy. I was grinning like the Cheshire cat and I could not put my kindle down. I felt as though I was being cloaked with everything beautiful that life can bring, just like a big warm hug and I was left feeling elated with how this final part turned out. The way that Beth chose to finish the series was flawless and I am now left eagerly awaiting to see what's up next from this author. I know that I am already excited to read more about the other characters from this series, especially Mimi. What about you, Surj? 

Surj: Oh yes, as much as Ginny, Grizz and Tommy's story is now complete, there are so many characters whose stories have only been touched upon and I cannot wait to get more from them. 

Beth Flynn really has taken us on one hell of an epic journey with these characters. We've laughed, we cried, we've got angry and we've got frustrated but the feeling that we've experienced most through all three books is LOVE. Thank you for letting us be a part of this epic ride Beth. We rated this final instalment in the "Nine Minutes" series ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Time is the real gift, Ginny, because it’s the one thing you can never get back.”

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