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Blog Tour: Jessica Hawkins "The First Taste (Slip of the Tongue #2)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for Jessica Hawkins "The First Taste (Slip of the Tongue #2)."
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Andrew Beckwith has already devoted his life to one girl—and as far as he’s concerned, she’s all he needs. The rough-around-the-edges bad boy left his reckless ways behind six years ago when his daughter Bell was born. To the female population’s dismay, he’s unapologetically single. When Bell’s mother walked out on them years ago, he vowed never to let another woman close enough to hurt them again.

Amelia Van Ecken isn’t just another woman. She’s an independent, smart, and savvy businesswoman who doesn’t have time for sex, much less love. In the midst of a drawn-out, bitter divorce, all she wants is to bury herself in work. But when sharp-tongued Amelia and stubborn Andrew cross paths, sparks fly—and burn. Two things are obvious in an instant: they want each other, and they’re from different worlds. It’s the perfect formula for an off-the-charts one-night stand. After all, it’s not as if opposites ever attract.

Review: Surj  

I loved Jessica Hawkins "Slip of the Tongue." It was brilliant and really pulled me out of my comfort zone. Knowing that we would be getting Andrew's book (Sadie's single dad brother) in "The First Taste" had me giddy with excitement. Primarily because I was intrigued by his story but  also because my ovaries went gaga at the thought of a story about a single, sexy as sin dad who was so hopelessly devoted to his little girl (queue heart strings!!!). Yup, those two factors together and I had to read this book!!! 

Good moods lift you up- and leave a longer way to fall. 

"The First Taste" was quite different to Sadie's book in a few ways. Firstly, the tone was very different. It wasn't as angsty that's for sure but that's not a bad thing because the story didn't need it. To be honest, I was so hooked on Andrew and Amelia, their individual stories and their story together that that I didn't miss it. The other feelings this book brought out in me were absolutely enough to have me captivated and addicted to what I was reading. Couple that with this author's brilliant writing and there were some scenes that I got so absorbed in, that I actually lost track of time. I mean that first scene, the scene where Andrew and Amelia first met...holy mother in heaven. The anticipation drove me crazy!!! 

... my heart skips. Fuck- I'm in trouble. I don't want a skipping heart.

Amelia and Andrew were chalk and cheese. They couldn't have been more different if they had tried. Amelia was the owner of a high flying PR company in New York and Andrew was grease monkey car mechanic from New Jersey. They really shouldn't have connected. I mean they had nothing in common.. right??? So one night of pure, unadulterated, filthy, meaningless sex and they could both walk away satisfied, having scratched an itch for want of a better word. Of course they could... lol. After all, having been burnt by previous relationships, neither was looking to go down that road again... like EVER!!! Yup, all of this just made their story all the more appealing. I love it when characters fight their feelings. I love it when they pretend it's just no strings monkey sex and I love watching those feelings grow and the connection build to something more. 

Amelia's an alien in our world of coveralls, cars and car parts.

Right from the outset, Andrew's character had me swooning like a love sick puppy. No word of a lie, this man had the ability to bring me to my knees just by opening that sexy as sin mouth of his!!! His hotness was off the charts and I think what made my attraction to him all the more stronger was the fact that he did not want a relationship of any kind. Nope, once bitten, second time around, he was running a mile. Plus he had other priorities. He was a dad and his number one priority was his daughter Bell. If there was a daddy of the year award going, Andrew would get it hands down. He would not even have to try. Those interactions with his daughter made my heart sing like a gospel choir going full pelt. I felt his love for his daughter and I felt his inner conflict over certain situations and predicaments. Jessica Hawkins got parenthood down to a T. It was so realistic and believable and seriously had me going crazy for this hot to trot daddy. Can you tell I was seriously crushing on Andrew? God I could talk about him, his alpha male, controlling in the bedroom, protective hotness all day and not get bored!!! 

'I like you put together," I say gruffly. "So I can undo you."

As for Amelia, I have to say, at first glance, she came across as a woman who was so stuck up and snobbish and so rude too. I got that she had been seriously burnt by her past and was struggling to get past that but some of her comments riled me, especially when they were aimed at Andrew. However, it wasn't long before I saw the ice queen start to thaw and what I saw I absolutely loved. This was a woman who had been hurt and hurt really badly so trusting again was difficult. Control was what she needed in all aspects of her life to help her get by but peel back the layers only a little and what I saw was a vulnerability, a fragility, a fear even and I knew that her behaviour was her protecting herself and was only a result of all that she had been through. 

It was fantastic catching up with Sadie and Nathan and seeing where their lives had taken them but my favourite character of all has got to be Bell. God that little girl really did steal my heart. She was just so adorable and her character so realistic for her age. Yes there were tantrums, the cause of which usually made my heart hurt (as they would any parent) but I'm so pleased Jessica made her character realistic and made there depiction of parenthood as realistic as possible. 

... I'm horny and she's hot, so I'm up for a little game of cat and mouse.

"The First Taste" really was one hell of a fun and flirty, sexy and sensual, kink filled ride with a light dusting of angst to give your heart a little work out. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book but what I do know is that it over delivered on absolutely everything!!! 

I rated "The First Taste" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

About the Author

Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. To her, the most intriguing fiction is forbidden, and that’s what you’ll find in her stories. Currently, she resides wherever her head lands, which is often the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.

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