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Review: Karina Halle's "The Play (The McGregor's # 3)."


A troubled Scottish rugby player who doesn't play by the rules.

A vivacious man-eater who's given up on love.

When it comes to Lachlan and Kayla, opposites don't just attract - they explode.

Kayla Moore has always been comfortable with her feisty, maneating reputation. At least it was fine until she hit her thirties and saw her best friends Stephanie and Nicola settle down with Linden and Bram McGregor, leaving Kayla to be the odd one out. Tired of being the third wheel with nothing but one-night stands and dead-end dates in San Francisco, Kayla decides to take a vow of celibacy and put men on the backburner.

That is until she lays her eyes on Linden and Bram’s cousin, hot Scot Lachlan McGregor. Lachlan is her sexual fantasy come to life – tall, tatted, and built like a Mack truck. With a steely gaze and successful rugby career back in Edinburgh, he’s the kind of man that makes her want to throw her vow right out the window. But Lachlan’s quiet and intense demeanor makes him a hard man to get to know, let alone get close to.

It isn’t until the two of them are thrown together one long, unforgettable night that Kayla realizes there is so much more to this brooding macho man than what meets the eye. But even with sparks flying between the two, Lachlan can’t stay in America forever. Now, Kayla has to decide whether to uproot her whole life and chance it all on someone she barely knows or risk getting burned once again.

Sometimes love is a game that just needs to be played.

Review: Surj

As most of my book buddies will already know, I'm not the biggest fan of long books. That's not to say, I won't ever read one but more that there is a reluctance to one click. My attention span is limited. I get bored. I start to skim and then I feel like I'm reading the book for the sake of reading it because I've started it. Karina Halle's "The Play" was a pretty lengthy book but I trust this author so I clicked on release day. It's still taken me a few months from buying it to plucking up the courage to read it but after a delay at the airport, I decided to brave it and dive in. I need to have more faith because   this author (yet again) delivered such a brilliant story that makes me want to slap myself withy a wet fish for leaving Lachlan's story unattended for so long!!! The McGregor boys haven't let me down so far and with this third instalment in the series, I was yet again swept away by a fantastic and gripping plot, characters that intrigued me and very quickly stole my heart and the settings of both San Francisco and Edinburgh that made me fell like I was well and truly part of Kayla and Lachlan's journey. 

Guilt isn't an emotion. It's a living, breathing organism. It's another man living deep inside 
of you, screaming so loud sometimes that you wish you could tear off your skin and let 
him escape. But you can't. And there's nothing you can do to silence him. Nothing at all. 

This book was such a stark contrast to Bram and Linden's stories. Where their's were more light hearted, more uplifting and had a good dose of humour within the pages, Lachlan's story had a darker element to it. It was almost as if there was this grey cloud that loomed over almost every single page, even when things were going good. This was such an emotional, heart breaking, soul destroying story that had me glued to every word I was reading and as for the prologue... way to rip a girl's heart out and have her in floods of tears in the middle  of Salzburg airport... not a pretty sight that's for sure. However, as much as this prologue was hard hitting and devastating, it really did help me understand Lachlan's character better and helped to explain the reason why he was the way he was. 

"Me and the strays, you know, we were the same. But a dog is just trying to live, 
trying to survive. I wasn't trying to live. I was trying to die."

Lachlan was a complicated yet beautiful beast who had seriously deep rooted issues. His childhood really had played a part in the person he had become. At first impressions, he was a little bit scary. He was a man of few words, kept his distance and growled quite a lot. However, the more I got to know him, the more he wormed his way into my affections. There was this side to Lachlan you just wouldn't expect. This kindness, this generosity, this unconditional love that only the lucky few got to see. 

Kayla was a character I'd met in the previous two books. She had a larger than life personality and she was just hilarious and very quick when it came to the banter. 

Why the hell did I have to meet this beast, this superman, 
who blows my mind in the bedroom, mows down rugby players for a living, 
rescues helpless animals, looks like a f*cking god, and happens to cook, 
just before he has to leave?

But again, very much like Lachlan, there was so much she kept hidden from the rest of the world. Despite their very opposite upbringings, I'd go so far as to say, this pair had more in common that you would think. Both were so kind and caring. Both had this insatiable appetite for crazy, hot as hell sex with each other (lol). Both had a deep rooted fear that ate away at them. Both had a vulnerability that made my heart hurt  and both... well I think both of them were as lonely as hell. That to me was so evident very early on in their book. 

Kayla and Lachlan's journey was not an easy one to read, that's for sure. It was full of so many obstacles, so many secrets, so many complications and so many demons that hadn't quite been dealt with and layed to rest and I knew that if Karina Halle followed in the footsteps of her previous books, there would be a whole lot of angst that would tear at the heart strings. It was just a waiting game in terms of when it would happen. 

“I can see all your cracks and your darkness and your flaws and 
I fall in love with it all. And I hope you can fall in love with everything 
that I am, all that lurks in my dark, all that shines in my light. I want you to love 
every little piece of me, because it all belongs to you.”

Another job well done to this author for giving me such a brilliant yet unique addition to the McGregor series. I love Karina Halle's writing and with this book, there was no exception. This was another clear example her ability to give us diverse characters and story lines that are addictive and captivating and that truly steal your breath away. I cannot wait to get Brigs' story next. I have a feeling this one will also be a little bit of a heart breaker. 

I rated "The Play" ❤️❤️❤️❤️  - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

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