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Review: Holding Her Close (Mended Hearts #2)
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She's everything he detests about Hollywood. 

After spending my entire acting career being cast as the airhead, I finally have the serious role I've been dying for, and I screw it all up during a four martini dinner with my ex. Now, thanks to the morality clause in my contract, I might lose the role of a lifetime. My only hope is to convince the media (and my eccentrically conservative director) that I've entered a committed relationship. But when I use my brother's costume party to launch Operation Fake Fiancé, I end up in front of the camera with the wrong guy, leaving my reputation—and the fate of my career—at his mercy. Any other guy I could sweet talk into playing the supporting role I need, but not Officer Cade Watts. Not the man who hates everything about me. Not the man who would most revel in seeing me fail. 

He's everything she needs. 

I don't care how good it felt to have her in my arms. I don't care that I can't close my eyes without remembering the way she tastes or the sound of her moan. I want nothing to do with Janelle Crane. Her scheme to fake an engagement to save her own career is exactly the kind of manipulative Hollywood crap I left LA to escape. But when her fan mail turns threatening and the tragedies befalling her former co-stars seem to be anything but coincidence, everything changes. Now I don't just want to play the part of Janelle's fake fiancé, I demand it. I won't let my jaded heart cost me another case. I may not trust Janelle but I do care, and the only way I know she's safe is if I'm holding her close.

Review: Surj 

"Holding her Close" was such brilliant addition to the "Mended Hearts" series, taking me on another trip to New Hope (the town I've grown to know and love through the course of reading many a Lexi Ryan book).  This time it was Janelle and Cade who got their story told and boy, what a cluster fuck of a story it was.  These two really were car crash reading when it came to a relationships but I couldn't help but feel they belonged together right from that first kiss, despite so much going against them. The couple's journey to finding their fairytale ending really was something else and I absolutely loved it. This wasn't just a romance (or none romance as the case was on so many occasions... lol). There was also a huge thriller aspect to their book which gave me a mystery, suspense and "who done it" element that had me hooked. I was desperate to know who the stalker was but where Hollywood was involved, it really could have been anyone. It was quite the game of guess who... was it the ex husband or maybe the publicist or how about the ex best friends or maybe even the ex's new wife.... everyone had motive and so my mind worked overtime to sift through the red herrings and clues to try and work it out. Nope.. I didn't guess but it didn't matter but I had the whole "no way" thing going on when all was finally revealed. 

Janelle's character was one I couldn't help but feel sorry for. Her life just seemed to be made up of mistake after mistake which had unfortunately lead to her demise in the world of fame. Even the roles were drying up as mishap after mishap cast her in a bad light. I truly felt for her because although Janelle cocked up, her heart was in the right place. She didn't deserve being treated like an outcast. There was others who deserved that so much more than her. However there was one mistake that did put a big cheesy grin on my face and that was the way she met Cade Watts... the sexy as hell cop who seemed to come in and quite literally sweep this lady off her feet. One night where Janelle managed to stay anonymous courtesy of her cat woman mask and just be herself and let go of all her inhibitions and it really was the best night of her life ... until her identity was revealed. Well let's just say that didn't go down too well. Cade had been left broken hearted by Hollywood once before and he was damned if was going to let a Hollywood princess destroy him all over again. Yup, out came big, bad Cade who happened to have a heart of gold and who (unfortunately) couldn't manage to keep his mitts of his starlet. And so began that push and pull between the couple who weren't a couple but had to pretend to be a couple for the sake of saving a dying career and finding a stalker. 

I loved Cade's character and completely understood his inner conflict. He really had been burned in the past and so I got why he was so reluctant to get into anything with Janelle. He saw Janelle the way he saw every other Hollywood actress and unfortunately that was not in a favourable light but the heart wants what the heart wants. Actually scratch that. His nether regions wanted what his nether regions wanted and so he struggled to keep his hands of the woman he was trying to protect. Despite his denial that Janelle could be anything but your stereotypical heart breaking actress, I loved how slowly but surely he warmed to her character. The more he got to know her, the more he softened and the more that wall he'd built around his heart started to crumble. Cade's character had a real strength to him and despite everything, he was hell bent on keeping Janelle safe and protected, even if that meant keeping her at arms length until the perpetrator had been caught. But how long would he sacrifice his feelings that seemed to be growing stronger daily? 

I loved the merry little dance these two played. The whole "Will they? Won't they?" absolutely kept me reading because when they did, it was soooo HOT!!! But when they didn't, my heart yearned for them to just give it a go. 

"Holding her close" was a quick, light hearted (ish)  read with enough juicy bits to keep me captivated and the thriller aspect that gave my brain cells a healthy workout. I also loved catching up with old friends with Hannah, Nate and their girls featuring quite a bit in this book. 

"Holding her Close" was a brilliant addition to the "Mended Hearts" series and I rated it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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