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Review: C.D. Reiss's "Forbidden (Songs of Perdition 1-3)."

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Everything about Fiona is forbidden.

She’s a party girl with dark desires.
She’s beautiful, irresponsible, irresistible.

She’s my patient.
I’m her therapist.

I’m past past wanting her. Past possessing her. Past bedding her or protecting her.

I’m willing to be self-destructive, negligent, brave, audacious, and stronger than I ever believed possible.

She’s blunt force trauma to the heart.
And she calls another man Master.

This book contains Kick, Use, and Break from the Perdition Series. It is the ENTIRE STORY with a complete beginning, middle and end.
If you read Kick and Use, Break is easily found in the table of contents, and it's a full length novel. 


I have read every book that C.D. Reiss has written to date, apart from Fiona's story so now that her story was being released in one complete novel, I grabbed the opportunity to read it. I had briefly met Fiona in both the "Songs of Submission" and the "Songs of Corruption" series, but I didn't really know much about her. I was looking forward to starting this one and getting to know Fiona Drazen a whole lot better. I absolutely loved this book and although it wasn't what I had expected, I was so happy that I took the time to read her story because she was a fantastic character . One of the many things that I have noticed about C.D. Reiss is that she always delivers when it comes to amazing heroines and Fiona was no exception. It was impossible not to fall in love with her.

"When you talk to yourself about yourself, I want you to try something new. 
I want you to use different words."


"Like Loyal. Strong. Trustworthy. Spirited. Brave. Selfless. 
Use those words Fiona. Stop lying to yourself about who you are." 

As this book transported me back in time to when Jonathan and Theresa were both still young, it made me realise what a messed up family the Drazen's truly were and Fiona appeared to be the most damaged of all. I was surprised to discover all of the trauma and heartache that she had experienced and how much she was struggling with her not-so-normal life. Out of all of the Drazen's that I have met so far, Fiona was the one with the most difficult of journeys to travel. My heart broke for her many, many times throughout this story and I desperately wanted Fiona to receive the love and support she so badly needed. I was rooting for her every step of the way. 

She made all the stories make sense. All the reckless, senseless, bold, beautiful, 
risky, irresponsible, brutal, and selfless acts I'd heard about but never understood 
came into focus through the lens of love. This was past wanting her.
Past possessing her. Past fucking her or protecting her. How far was I willing to go? 

Although, I felt that this book was less of a romance than the previous series from CD Reiss, of course love did play a part. There were two main men in Fiona's story, however there was only one true hero. Between the domineering Deacon and the gorgeous Elliot, I found it extremely difficult to guess who would eventually win Fiona's heart. I changed my mind over and over again, but I firmly believe that the best man got the girl in the end. I loved both Deacon and Elliot. Deacon was the controlling alpha believing he was the only man able to meet Fiona's needs, on the other hand Elliot was completely different to other men that Fiona had been involved with, but maybe he was the perfect guy to start a new life with......a life that would hopefully lead to a happy ever after. 

" have this open me up. You crack me open and pour me out, and all you do 
is look at me. So you need to stop looking at me, because it just makes me love you more." 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Forbidden", but my favourite part came as I reached the end. The epilogue may just be the most favourite that I have ever read. As soon as I began reading it, I became overcome with emotion . It was so beautiful that I felt my heart was about to burst. If you have read both Jonathan and Theresa's books, you are going to fall crazy in love with this epilogue. Once again, C.D. Reiss has written another stunning and captivating novel that kept me engrossed from start to finish. It was fantastically written with points of view from all three of the main characters, which I loved. This story can be read as a standalone so there's no need to worry if you have not read the previous series, however I highly recommend that you read them too. In my opinion they are a must read. 

By our willingness to sacrifice for one another, we were joined 
by the ropes of our love and held fast by the knots of our hearts. 

"Forbidden" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️   from me. 

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