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Review: Stylo Fantome's "My Time in the Affair."
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I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband. 

Now, before you judge me, hear my story. Hear how much I'm like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own. Yes, I'm a horrible person. Yes, I've done horrible things. Yes, I don't deserve forgiveness. Yes, bad things happened because of my actions. 

But I'm willing to bet I've done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing. 

Maybe, just maybe, you're not as innocent as you'd like to think. 

Or maybe I'm not so guilty ... 

Review: Surj

This was one of those books that had been sat on my kindle for ages but I guess a part of me was a little afraid to read it. Now don't get me wrong, cheating in books is NOT a "no go area" for me. I guess I just knew it wouldn't be an easy read and so I pushed it down my TBR list. Well ladies, I did it. I read it. In fact I read it in one day and OMG, what a read it was. In fact, the world ceased to exist as I immersed myself in this heart pounding, thought provoking story. Honestly, my pulse was racing right from the start because I guess a part of me knew what I was reading was wrong. It was forbidden. It went against everything I believed when it came to the sanctity of marriage but I just couldn't put this book down. Yes there were lies, deceit and betrayal but the way Mischa, Tal and Mike's story was told really made me realise that nothing is as black and white as we would like to believe. 

“They have a word especially for people like me…”
“And what word is that?”

"My time in the Affair" gave me an open, honest and very frank account of one woman's journey to how she came to cheat on her husband. How what was only supposed to be a one night stand ended up being so much much. I was given the reasons why. I was given the emotional turmoil this woman felt, the guilt and the internal conflict. I take my hat off to this author because the way she wrote this story ensured that I really did go into this book with an open mind. I didn't judge. I didn't cast the first stone. In fact quite the opposite. I found myself routing for Mischa and Tal... in fact I'd go so far as to say I begrudged the husband for interfering in what was such a beautiful, heart felt, swoon worthy romance that completely swept me off my feet... go figure huh!!! 

"...Now you're just going to disappear on me," 
She took a breath. Nodded. "Yes."
"Before you go," he began, his voice full of emotion....
"I want you to know something."
"Please, don't say anything." 
"I have to." 
"It'll make it worse."
"It's already as bad as it can be."
"You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me, Mischa. I'm glad I found you."
She took a deep breath. "Me, too."

Tal's character was shrouded in mystery and very quickly I found myself intrigued my him. It didn't take me long to fall in love with him... in fact the longer the affair went on, the more I saw a different side to this man. What had started off as no commitment sex had quickly turned into more and all I could think was that this could only end in tears for this big, strong, confident and very self assured beautiful man. I took sides ladies... and I took the side of Tal. 

Mischa's character was one that I couldn't help but relate to. Her character really made me question what I would do if I was in her shoes. What would I do if I got to the point in my life that she had reached. Could I leave everything I had ever known or would I follow in her footsteps? Like I said, it's very easy to judge until you are given the full story and that's when your eyes are suddenly opened. I really felt for this woman. I felt her pain, despair and anguish. I felt her inner turmoil and I grieved with her for all that had been lost. 

Don't forget us, he'd asked her. She wouldn't.
Remember me, he'd told her. She always would.

This was such an amazing story and I couldn't recommend it enough. Anything that pulls you from your comfort zone and makes you question yourself, is never a bad thing in my book. As I said, nothing in life is ever black and white. 

I rated "My Time in the Affair" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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