Monday, 26 October 2015

Review: Helena Hunting's "Pucked (Pucked #1)."


With a famous NHL player for a step-brother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation many hockey stars come with. She’s smart enough to steer clear of those hot, well-built boys with unparalleled stamina. That is until she meets the legendary team captain—Alex Waters.

Violet isn’t interested in his pretty, beat-up face, or his rock-hard six-pack abs. But when Alex inadvertently obliterates Violet’s previous misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players, he becomes more than just a hot body with a face to match.

In what can only be considered a complete lapse in judgment, Violet finds out just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pants. But what starts out as a one-night stand, quickly turns into something more. Post-night of orgasmic magic, Alex starts to call, and text, and e-mail and send extravagant—and quirky—gifts, making him difficult to ignore, and even more difficult not to like.

The problem is, the media portrays Alex as a total player, and Violet doesn’t want to be part of the game. 


I have wanted to read this book ever since it was first released. There was a lot of hype on social media about it, so I was excited to get started. It turned out to be the perfect weekend read. "Pucked" was hilariously funny, extremely romantic and it left me with a huge smile on my face. This is a book that you don't want to miss. 

Sign me up for Alex Waters Anonymous. I officially have a problem.

Violet was a fantastic female character. I fell in love with her instantly and I quickly developed a bit of a girl crush. She was just so damn funny. I howled with laughter at some of things she said or did. Violet's dialogue was so witty and unique. At times there was a little bit of crudeness with the things that she said that some readers may not like, however I was unable to stop myself from laughing. I loved everything about this girl, from her super hero underwear to her potty mouth. 

Oh. My. God. He's terrifyingly hot. Like The Hulk, but sexy, not green. 
I'm so going to get laid in a locker room. Go me.

I loved Alex equally as much as Violet. Alex was a sexy ice hockey player with a playboy reputation. Like most of his other team members, it was assumed that Alex was not at all the kind of guy you would want to be in a relationship with. However I soon realised that my assumptions were wrong. Alex made my heart sigh. He was just so lovely. I loved how romantic he was, the way that he pursued Violet melted my heart. To my surprise Alex came across as a little bit nerdy and also a little bit nervous when it came to Violet. I found his lack of confidence in this area to be endearing and it was just another reason why he stole my heart. 

"I could still run." 

"You could try. I'm pretty fast if I'm chasing after something I want." 

Alex and Violet's relationship was so much fun. They made a brilliant couple. It was a relationship that was jam packed with multi-orgasmic sex, a heap of hilarity and it was topped off with the most cutest romance. I was completely entertained from start to finish by Alex and Violet. I'm not saying that everything was perfect between the pair. There were a few niggles and one huge hurdle to tackle, but Alex and Violet were too fantastic together for them not to work things out. They belonged together. 

His love is the best gift, filling my heart, 
giving breath to a future I can't wait to start living. 

If you are looking for a book that will cheer you up and make you laugh out loud, this is the one for you. I would love to see this story on the big screen. I think it would make the most perfect romantic comedy. Now, I can't wait to read Buck's story, I'm hoping that it will be just as fabulous as this book.  

"Pucked" gets  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️   from me.

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