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Review: Sophie Jackson's "Love and Always (A Pound of Flesh #1.5)."

Review: Sophie Jackson's "Love and Always (A Pound of Flesh #1.5)." 


When prison tutor Kat Lane met arrogant inmate Wesley Carter in A Pound of Flesh, it was hate at first sight. Carter’s quick wit and reputation for being as dangerous as he was handsome kept her at a distance. But as they grew to know each other as teacher and student in the New York prison, Kat found there was much more to Carter than she thought.

In Love and Always, Kat and Carter’s story continues as they share the news of their engagement—which doesn’t go over well with Kat’s mother. On top of it all, Carter has a new role as CEO of WCS Communications, which adds more pressure to his new life outside prison. Trying to juggle family, a billion dollar business, and Carter’s best friend Max’s rehab stint doesn’t leave much time for the happy couple to enjoy each other. How will Kat and Carter handle the pressures of marriage, family, and work—and keep the passion alive through it all? 


This was a short but sweet novella, giving me the opportunity to catch up with Kat and Carter, and to see what had happened since their engagement. I absolutely loved getting to know this sexy couple in "A Pound of Flesh" and I was so excited when I discovered that I hadn't heard the last of them. I loved that Sophie Jackson was able to give me more of one of my favourite couple's in the book world. 

"Every time I look at you tonight, I want you to imagine what I'll do to you 
when we get home, every position, fast and slow, hard and soft; 
I'm going to do it all, Peaches. And even when you beg me to stop, I'll keep going." 

I loved catching up with Kat and Carter, even though it was short visit, it was still well worth the read. There was some sexy moments and some swoonworthy moments. It was just what I expected and I once again fell in love with Kat and Carter. It was so lovely to see Carter so happy and settled in his new life with his Peaches. Yes, there a few tiny hitches along the way but nothing could come between this couple. They were solid and I loved that. After everything they had been through together, it was a joy to see them so blissfully happy. 

The world could have stopped for all Kat cared. 
She was never as safe or protected as when she was in Carter's arms.

I also got the chance to see how Max was doing and this led nicely into the next book of the series. I cannot wait for more from Max. He seems to be such a troubled soul and I know his story will be worth the wait. I am also excited for Kat and Carter's Wedding. so I'm keeping everything crossed that their big day will be in the next book. If you loved "A Pound of Flesh", I highly recommend one-clicking this one. I loved it! 

"Love and Always" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.

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