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Blog Tour: L.H Cosway's "King of hearts (Hearts #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for L.H Cosway's "King of hearts (Hearts #3)."
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Welcome to the City, London’s most prestigious square mile, where finance reigns and Oliver King is a rising prince. 

I used to rule the world.

There might be wolves on Wall Street, but there were crocodiles in Canary Wharf. Some of us craved money. Some of us craved power.

I liked money, and power had its advantages, but what I really wanted was to excel, to surpass the men who came before me. I never cared much for love and romance until I met Alexis.

I could feel it the very moment she walked into the interview, with her outspoken charm and vivacious personality. She cast all the others in shadow, made me laugh when life held no humour. Our friendship should have remained professional, but it wasn’t long before the lines started to blur.

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Well, I never foresaw where my plans would lead, and only in my darkest hour did I finally see the light…

You can have all the money and prestige in the world and still be the poorest man alive. And love, well, I hate to use a tired old cliché, but love can be the thing that truly sets you free.

Review: Kirsty

The first half of this book is a 5 stars for me, with the second part being more of a 4..

I absolutely loved everything about the first part of this book. It was exciting, sexy and kept me on my toes throughout the whole book. Oliver King is a successful business man, somebody who loves to be on top and to win. In search of a new PA, he meets Alexis Clark. She's different to girls he usually comes across and there's just something about her that keeps Oliver wanting to know more. Never before has he mixed work and pleasure, but that may be all about to change..

“Sometimes we see someone and they just suit us. 
They’re beautiful to us in every way. You’re that person to me.”

The chemistry between Oliver and Alexis was off the charts and I loved watching them explore their newfound work relationship, as well as personal one. Alexis challenged Oliver at every opportunity, something which he wasn't used to, but found strangely endearing. For a long time in the book, Alexis and Oliver denied their feelings towards one and other, in fact Alexis denied it to the extremes (which was hilarious), but it was so obvious to see that given only a short amount of time, things would happen, and life would get messy. Which brings me on to part two..

This is where, for me, the book lost a little bit of its magic. I just didn't love the turn in which the author took it. The book suddenly jumps forward 6 years and all of the characters are in a hugely different place in life. One which I saw coming, but didn't like to read about. Oliver was on a path of destruction, which was, quite frankly, pretty heartbreaking. To see a man go from the top of his game, to down in the gutter was quite a jump. It made me feel uncomfortable to read at points. 

"There's broken, Alexis, and then there's irrevocably broken. 
Maybe I'm the latter. Maybe trying is futile."

It was at this point that Alexis made it her mission to bring the Oliver King that she knew and loved, back. She wanted to remind him of the amazing man he was and could still be, despite all of the troubles he has faced. It was her job to bring him back to life.

"And I fear if I made you my queen, I could no longer be a king."

As always Lorraine Cosway's writing was incredible. She is an automatic one-click author for me and I certainly don't see that changing any time soon. 

I rated "King of Hearts" ❤️❤️❤️❤️.5 


What he said made me curious, so I went on, “What do you do to deal with the stress?”

He gave me a wan smile, and there was something in his expression that struck me as sad somehow. Rubbing at his chin, he answered, “Hmmm, when I’m stressed out…a nice glass of top shelf whiskey usually does the trick.” 

“That makes sense,” I said and walked around his desk before taking a seat in front of him. “You know, I always thought it was poor people who did drugs, to escape the bleakness of their realities. Now I’m thinking maybe the practice is most common at the top and the bottom of the ladder. Perhaps the best place to be is somewhere in the middle.”

“Not necessarily. I’m at the top. Do I look high to you?”

The deadpan way in which he said it made me laugh. I leaned forward and teased, “I’m not sure. Let me have a look at your pupils.” Surprising me, King rose from his seat, walked around his desk and came to kneel in front of me. Before I knew it his face was mere inches from mine.

“Go ahead,” he said, voice low. 

Whoa, Oliver King’s face right up close…I wasn’t sure what to do with that. I guess he didn’t realise the effect he had on this very non-gay lady, because he seemed entirely unselfconscious. His eyes were beautiful, his lashes long and golden, his skin smooth with a hint of stubble around his jaw, and his lips were just…I had no words. Sculpted and masculine was probably the only way I could think to describe them.

I realised I was staring at those lips a little too closely when my eyes flicked back to his. A moment ago he was smiling, but now that smile was transforming into a thoughtful frown.

I cleared my throat. “Your pupils look fine.”

King exhaled a small breath and I watched as his attention went from my eyes to my cheeks, nose, chin, and then finally to my lips. He looked like he was about to say something when suddenly Gillian’s voice filled the room.

“Mr King, Jenson Gellar is on the phone. Shall I put him through?”

About the Author:

L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories.


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