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Review: Karina Halle's "The offer."

Review: Karina Halle's "The offer."

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She thinks he's an arrogant playboy.
He thinks she's an uptight prude.
But he's about to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Nicola Price used to have it all – a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. But when she gets knocked up and her asshat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola’s perfectly crafted world comes tumbling down. And stays that way.

Now, Nicola is the proud single mom to a five-year old daughter and living a giant lie. She can barely afford their ghetto apartment and all the men she dates run when they hear she comes with a child. She’s struggling and scared – and nowhere near where she thought she’d be at age thirty-one.

Her saving grace comes in the form of a tall, handsome and wealthy Scotsman Bram McGregor, the older brother of her friend Linden. Bram understands a thing or two about pride, so when tragic circumstances place Nicola at rock bottom, he offers them a place to live in the apartment complex he owns. It’s pretty much the perfect deal, so as long as she doesn’t mind living beside Bram, a man that, despite his generosity, seems to antagonize her at every turn.

But nothing in life is free and as Nicola gets her feet back on the ground, she discovers that the enigmatic playboy may end up costing her more than she thought.

She might just lose her heart.

Those McGregor brothers are nothing but trouble...

Review: Surj 

I absolutely loved Karina Halle's "The pact" and when she announced we'd be getting a spin off  novel giving us Nicola and Bram's story, I was excited beyond belief. I mean honestly, I couldn't wait to get to know Bram a little better... OK so maybe a lot. Hey give the girl a break. He's a scotsman with an accent to die for and a side order of bad boy tendancies that raised my pulse just a little at the very thought of what lay ahead. So it came out, I bought it and I finally managed to get stuck in... and of course I devoured it within 24 hours. "The Offer" was brilliant and a perfect read on a beautiful summers day. It was mostly light hearted with a whole heap of sexual tension, a large dose of fun and frolics (oh how the frolics made me blush... lol) and a light dusting of angst to make my heart beat a little faster. It really was one of those perfect reads that came just at the right time so thank you Mrs Halle for giving me a book that left me with the biggest, goofiest grin as I turned the pages. 

He grins. “Sweetheart, you wouldn’t know what to do with my dick even if you tried.” 
“I most certainly would!” I blurt out, unable to help myself. I regret my words immediately.
There’s one hell of a long, mortifying second as he slowly raises his dark brow, 
a twinkle in his eye.  “Oh really?” he muses, smile dancing on his lips.
I cross my arms. “You know what I mean.” 
“Not really. But you could show me.”

The first chapter of "The Offer" kinda broke my heart as I saw Nicola go from rock bottom to the depths of despair. Not only did she lose her job but it was like the gods were against her because everything that could go wrong, did for her and her daughter Eva. It was like life was being a bitch of the worst kind and honestly, I couldn't see a way out for them. I don't suppose Nicola's stubborn pride helped matters but I understood where she was coming from. Nicola's character was one you couldn't help but feel for. As much as she had been burned in the past, she had a strength that ensured she got on with life even when it dealt her the crappest hand in cards. This woman really did need a knight in shining armour. Unfortunately, there must have been a mix up because the lord above chose to send her Bram-a-lam-a-ding dong instead... lol. Yup Bram saved the day by giving Nicola and Eva a place to stay... no strings or expectations of course.... yeah right!!! lol. 

“Human beings are complicated. Love is simple.“ 

Nicola and Bram's relationship (ok so it wasn't a relationship) didn't get off to the best of starts. In fact I would go so far as to say it was probably the cock up of the century leaving Nicola with a bitter taste in her mouth and a lasting impression of Bram that really wouldn't do him any favours any time soon. Bram was a cocky, arrogant ass .. yes that was my first impression too and if I could have kicked him in the nuts I would have. But don't worry the boy came good in the end and it wasn't long before he was worming his way into my affections with his cheeky charm, his way with words and his offer to help a mother and child in desperate need. 

I loved the way Bram slowly but surely worked his way into Eva and Nicola's lives. It was so sweet and endearing even though he couldn't help but goad Nicola, play her up, tease her and antagonise her at every turn, it was never meant in any other way than gentle mockery and fun and it definitely had me grinning like a cheshire cat for the most part. And Ava.. OMG that child was just too cute and I could visualise her running around making up songs like the adorable little thing she was. She was one of those kids that had the worst timing and had a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but in such a way, you just wanted to pinch her cheeks. 

"In my experience, love is a destructive force, tearing hearts to shreds and 
forcing people to pick up the pieces. Even the best love stories are violent tales."

Insta love played no part whatsoever in Bram and Nicola's story and for that I'm really glad because the slow build of the friends to something else (we couldn't possibly label it.. lol)  was really touching and heart warming and made me a little giddy with anticipation. I mean for a good proportion of the first half  of the book, it was all about building a connection with maybe a hint of want for something more but Karina Halle really did stay true to her characters, the people they were and the pasts they had and because of that, I knew love would definitely take time. Sex however definitely featured and this was the hot kind... like really hot and my oh my did Bram have one filthy mouth. He was definitely the one in charge in the bedroom and really... that was fine with me as my thighs clenched, my toes curled and my face flushed. 

"I know you've been burned, but I've been burned too. 
Maybe our ashes can make something together. 

"The Offer" really was another job well done for Karina Halle and again really shows her versatility as an author from dark, raw and gritty to light and kinda fluffy.. lol.  I'm really hoping that with the way this book ended, we get kayla and Lachlan's story. I can definitely see their book being an interesting one! 

So, if you're looking for a light hearted, fun, sexy as hell read, then this is definitely for you. I rated "The Offer" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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