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Review: C.A. Ellis' "Jetson (Entwined in the Vine #2)."

Review: C.A. Ellis' "Jetson (Entwined in the Vine #2)." 


Prepare for the highs… Prepare for the lows…Prepare to fall in love…

Jett, Sonny, Jude and Ace are four guys with very different personalities but with one strong mutual goal: to take their band, Jetson, all the way. 

Jett Matthews, the lead singer of Jetson, and his boys are finally hitting the big time and living the dream they’ve strived so long for. 

As always, dreams come at a price. There’s the non-stop media attention, the parties, the booze binges, and of course, being hounded by hundreds of groupies. For these boys, all that doesn’t seem like a hard price to pay; in fact for some of them, it’s just perks of the job.

Jett’s finally back on home soil after a tour of the U.S and Europe, when the cutest girl with the pinkest hair enters his world. Jett seems to be falling hard for the rainbow-haired beauty, but can she handle the pitfalls of fame and a life in the spotlight she’s about to be plunged into? She has a lot to consider, like her son. 

As we follow Jett and Dolly’s journey, there are curve balls being thrown from all directions. Can Jett have his musical dream and his girl? And when the unthinkable happens, is it a step too far for Jett and Dolly’s love to survive?

Ultimately, can Jett keep the only girl he’s ever really wanted, while he takes over the world one sexy, husky lyric at a time?


I had mixed feelings about this story. There were aspects that I loved but sadly it was a book that didn't quite grab my attention in the way that I had hoped it would. I really loved the idea of this story. A rockstar singer falling in love with a single mum. It was like a modern day fairytale and the characters (although at times frustrating) were ones that I enjoyed getting to know. Jet was a the lead singer of the successful rock band Jetson. As much as Jett loved his rockstar lifestyle he longed for someone special to enter his life. He was a bit of a romantic and couldn't wait to find his soul-mate. I really liked Jett. There was no signs of any arrogance or any of the other behaviour that I would associate from someone in his position. He was a caring and loyal guy who had a heart of gold. 

All of these years looking for the perfect girlfriend and now I've hit the jackpot; 
sexy, cute, funny, how did I get so fucking lucky.

Dolly was a young single mum, who turned Jett's world upside down. Meeting Jett really was a dream come true for her, although it didn't seem like it at the time. Dolly did not make it easy for poor Jet. When Dolly and Jett first met, their feelings towards each other were instant and their relationship progressed quite quickly but it wasn't long before the pair faced the first of many challenges. Dolly and Jett's journey was an extremely bumpy ride. With problem after problem I began to wonder if this pair were meant to be and then to top it all off the author through in one huge curve ball that I did not see coming. Big points to C.A Ellis for that one! 

"Dolly, if I hold you close to me, if I really hold on to you 
tightly for long enough, you'll stay, right?" 

It wasn't long into the story when I began to get a little angry with how the couple dealt with everything. I guess their immaturity and lack of experience in a relationship began to show, especially with Dolly. That girl was sending me loopy and I found myself feeling increasingly sorry for Jett. The guy could not seem to do anything right. Luckily for Dolly, Jett was relentless and refused to give up on his girl. 

"Baby, you're my horizon because no matter how far I look, I'll only ever see you." 

Jetson was written from both characters perspective so I felt that I got to know Dolly and Jett really well. I also enjoyed meeting the other characters from the band and catching up with Lizzy and Lucas from the first book in the series. Although they only made a short appearance therefore this book can be read as a a standalone as there are no major spoilers. 

The story of Jett and Dolly was one hell of a bumpy ride that left me feeling a little bit crazy but it ended in just the way that I had hoped it would. Thank goodness! 

"Jetson" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from me. 

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