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Review: C.D. Reiss' "Coda (Songs of Submission #9)."

Review: C.D. Reiss' "Coda (Songs of Submission #9)."

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Did you want a pat little ending about Jonathan and I riding off into the sunset? Did you want flowers and stars? Man, I wish it was all soft filters and violins. I wish we could fight about who cleaned the bathroom or who was cooking dinner. But I knew I was never destined for simple contentment.

I almost committed murder for him. I almost tore us apart to save him. How do you get back on the horse after that? Because, I promise you, nothing is the same. Nothing.

I’ve earned our happily ever after. Now I have to survive it. 

Review-Jo Rushton

I was a little late to the "Songs of Submission" party as I didn't read this amazing series until last year. However I quickly became addicted to the story. I read the entire series in less than a week, falling hook, line and sinker in love with Jonathan and Monica. So as soon as I heard that a ninth book was on it's way, I was way beyond excited. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to re-read the series again. Any excuse to re-visit the king and his goddess! 

Jonathon and Monica had their world rocked in a big way. Life was never going to be the same again. The couple were severely scarred by the memories of their darkest days and consumed with worry for their future together. Monica and Jonathan had so many thoughts and concerns between them that they were no longer the same couple that I knew and loved. "Coda" is the story of how Jonathon and Monica dealt with the aftermath of their life changing experience and how they fought to save their marriage and adapt to the new life that Jonathan had been given. 

I loved him. I'd never leave him, but some days, 
I felt as though we were coming apart at the seams.

I loved this final part in Jonathon and Monica's story. It was a journey that felt real and was one that I could easily relate to. Jonathon and Monica were determined to work together to regain their fire and passion. They wanted their mojo back! I loved everything about this book and once again fell in love with the couple. They were so gorgeous together. There was never any doubts in my mind that Jonathan and Monica could survive anything that was thrown at them, their love for each was unbreakable. 

She was my songbird, my goddess, my slice of control in a world of chaos.

Monica and Jonathan are one of my favourite book couple's. I adore Monica's character. She has always been a fabulous female character but in this story, she has excelled herself . She demonstrated such strengh, courage and loyalty towards her king. Monica was the perfect heroine and the perfect match for the hero of the series, Jonathan Drazen. Jonathan has always been a strong, confident and extremely sexy man but following the turmoil that he had been through, Jonathan was left lacking in some of his more powerful traits. Where had my king gone? Thankfully, Jonathon was not the type of man to sit back and let his relationship with Monica fall apart. Despite his anxiety, he knew that he needed to regain his dominant persona and fight for his goddess. The king was set to return and I couldn't wait! 

"You are mine. Any time. Any place. Without questions. 
You get on your knees when I say. You spread your legs when I say. 
You open your mouth and take whatever I put in it. Do you understand?"

I have loved this series with a fierce passion. It is one of those stories that makes me want to shout and rave about it until everyone has met Jonathan and Monica. It is an absolute must read and I am so thankful to C.D. Reiss for writing one last part and giving me another opportunity to step into Jonathan and Monica's world. "Coda" was a brilliant finale to the couple's story and as I finished their beautiful epilouge, I felt a little teary because I had reached the end. I think I could quite happily read about the king and his goddess for many years to come and never once become bored.

It was our time. However long it was, it belonged to us.

If you are a fan of the "Songs of Submission" series and have not yet read "Coda" I strongly recommend that you get clicking. You will not be disappointed. And if you are a newbie to this series, I urge you to get it on your kindle today. You don't know what you are missing!!!!

My orbit around her was going to get tighter and tighter until, 
for better or worse, we fused into a single sun.

"Coda" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️    from me! 

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