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Review: Bella Jewel's "Step Lover (Step Lover #1)."

Review: Bella Jewel's "Step Lover (Step Lover #1)."


You’ll only ever have one forbidden love. 

Care to know why?

Because when you find it, forbidden love that is, you’ll forget everything else. You’ll forget your first kiss. You’ll forget the first boy who made you smile. You’ll forget all the bad, and remember all the good. You’ll forget that it’s wrong. You’ll forget that it hurts. You’ll forget everything that came before him. 

Forbidden love, it has a way of changing you. The secrets. The lies. The guilt. You want something so much you no longer care about the world around you. The passion takes away the pain. I’ve felt it. I’ve lived it. I didn’t need it, but it chose me. 

I met him before I knew. I loved him before I knew. 

I didn’t know that he was my stepbrother. I knew I had stepbrothers, but I didn’t know he was one of them. Now I know, I have to walk away. My mom, she deserves this happiness so much more than I do. If she ever knew…it would destroy her. 

You have to understand why.

I saw my father die right in front of my tiny, eight year old eyes. He took my sister with him. All that’s left is my mother and I. She’s found her happy place, the only place she’s had since our worlds were destroyed. 

So you see, I can’t have him. 

I can’t want him. 

But there’s this problem with passion, and love, and destiny. 

It doesn’t give you a damned choice.

Review: Surj Harvey

So the recent craze to hit the book world seems to be step siblings getting it on and to be honest, with one thing and another, I've managed to steer clear of these novels. Don't get me wrong, this hasn't been an intentional decision, it's just been circumstantial. So when the opportunity came up to review Bella Jewel's "Step Lovers," I thought, why not. I trust this author's work and what better way to see what all the fuss is about than with someone whose work you enjoy. So yup, this brings me to now. I've read it, I finished it and I'm out on the other side. So what did I think?

Well, I got it. I understood the reluctance, the hesitation and the guilt when trying to form a relationship where the parents were already together, particularly in this situation. There was no shame in it but more the impact idle gossip would have on their parents relationship but also what would happen if what if what Aria and blade shared went horribly wrong. It wasn't just about them, there was a whole family to consider. So yeah, I understood. However, what this couple shared was dead in the water before it had even started. Not because of this connection but more because of Blade who turned out to be the biggest douche bag E.V.E.R!!!

All this time I never knew his name. If I did, this wouldn’t have happened. 
But no, we thought it would be sexy and fun to leave it a damned mystery.

One year ago, Aria and Blade shared what can only be described as a beautiful, no holds barred weekend of sex. The connection was there and it appeared that this could definitely lead to so much more, or so Aria thought. Nope, it lead to nothing because on the final morning, Aria woke up to find Blade gone. No note, no number, not even a name. They'd chosen to remain anonymous for a whole weekend, giving each other nicknames instead. 

There was never a promise of anything more but Aria was still left devastated because somehow, in the few, short days the couple had spent together, this man had managed to get under her skin and into her heart. Unfortunately, she'd never fully recovered from it. Fast forward a year and Aria's mother had decided it was time the two sides of the family got to know each other and what better way to do that then a month long trip to a cabin by a beautiful, picturesque lake. What could go wrong? Well holy shit balls because the minute the couple locked eyes on each other, I just knew this was going to be four weeks of hell. There was no spark of lust, no reigniting of passion... God no. instead there was shock, guilt and embarrassment. With Aria's past, this relationship could not happen. No way. Her mother's happiness was of paramount importance and she would do nothing to jeopardise that. 

“I ran when I should have stayed and now it’s too late. I can’t have you. 
Even if I wanted you, I couldn’t have you.”

Unfortunately that wasn't the only problem. Like I said earlier, Blade was a complete twat. I mean, what the hell crawled up ass to turn him into a cold, emotionless dick? I just couldn't work him out. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. I tried to find reasons for his cruel, vicious taunts but came up with a blank. Even when certain revelations came to light, his behaviour continued. There was no need for it and to be honest, in the end, he just made me angry. He didn't deserve Aria. 

Unfortunately Aria was no better because despite Blade treating her like something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe, she kept going back for more. Grrr. God did it make me mad.... have some self respect woman!!! I know she was young and I know sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants but she was so quick to forgive him and let him off. I wanted her to tell him to go to hell for the way he treated her but a few choice words on his part and she was putty in his hands.... I mean really??? 

"I haven't been able to sleep. Do you want to know why? This is why." 

He jerks, and his hips and his c*ck press right between my legs. 
I gasp and try to squirm backwards, but I can't move. He's got me pinned against 
the wall and now his c*ck is right there, and god dammit, I like it.

The secondary characters in "StepLover" were awesome. Blade's brothers each had their own stories to tell and I loved getting to know them. Ripley was just adorable and as for Brody, I can't wait to get his story next. I have a feeling it will be full to the brim with angst and heart ache. The relationship they shared with Aria was heart warming and it didn't take them long to embrace her into the fold. 

All in all, this was a good book. It dealt with the subject matter of step lovers in a realistic way where I didn't feel that what they were doing was immoral (because it wasn't... not really). Instead it was Blade and Aria that drove me bat shit crazy and caused me to eye roll time and time again. Each needed slapping with a smelly, wet fish!!!

I rated "Step Lover" ❤️❤️❤️ - ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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