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Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway: Nikki Sex's "Abuse."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway for Nikki Sex's "Abuse."

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Bonjour, my name is André Chevalier. It has been my joy and my great honor to help those who have lost their way. Not long after I began my journey, I met two such wounded souls. 

Renata Koreman, my little mouse. She came to me as a child—shy, mute, injured… broken. It took oh-so many years to start to bring her back to herself! Yet, I could not fully heal her. 

Years later, Grant Wilkinson, he too fell into my hands. The ex-Army Ranger was badly disfigured and saw himself as a monster. Isolated by secrets, solitary and self-contained, his colleagues affectionately named him ‘Frosty.’ Yet, how should one behave when besieged by a lifetime of confusion and guilt? 

The moment I saw him, I thought of her and I wondered. The eyes, they cannot always see clearly. And the heart? Ah, the heart can only guess at the truth. So it was that I remained uncertain. 

Could the mouse and the monster heal each other? 

Review: Kirsty Lander

I love, love, loved this! It's my second book in the year and it could do no wrong from start to finish.

"Abuse? Ah. Such problems, even with time, 
do not go away on their own. They must be addressed."

Abuse is my first book by Nikki Sex and it really blew me away! I will definitely be looking in to other books by the author because I just loved her writing style and story telling abilities. I was gripped right from the start, reading nearly half of it in one sitting.

So what's the gist of the story? Abuse is the story of two tortured souls, brought together by their friend/therapist, André Chevalier. Whilst the book isn't necessarily about André, I loved his character and would gladly read a book, or novella about him. Does one exist? :) His character was just so interesting and I really felt a connection to him whilst reading, regardless of the fact the book wasn't really 'his'. Onto the main characters..

"The actions and emotional responses of others are not your responsibility. 
You cannot save another from themselves. This is for them to do."

The book starts with us getting to know Grant Wilkinson. Like I said before, I was hooked from the start. Grant has lived through a terrible ordeal, on more than one occasion, and parts of his life are in tatters as a result. He seeks out a therapist, which is where he meets André and they form the most special of relationships. Not only are they therapist/patient, they start up a brilliant friendship. André helps Grant in so many ways. I loved their friendship, it was so interesting to read it go from strength to strength, thanks to the help André gave Grant. One way in which he helps, is to introduce him to Renata, a colleague of his, that has had her fair share of struggles in her life. Renata helps people, in a sexual way, and her and Grant are a match made in heaven. Which shocks them both. They don't 'meet' until further on in the book, but once they did I couldn't help but root for them. 

Abuse is written in both Grant and Renata's POV, with a few chapters added in, in another POV, because of a side story going on. Which isn't complicated and very relevant. I admit I was a lot more interested in Grant's character, but that's purely because I found his story more fascinating than Renata's. Maybe if the book had started with Renata, I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much, so I was just lucky that the author started with Grant.

"Facing one's past can be a perilous activity. For the client, joy must exceed misery. 
Personal successes must far outweigh losses. Pleasure must exceed pain. 
Always. Always. To do otherwise is a failure of the counselor."

There was a cliffhanger of sorts. Well, really, it was more that the side story is just left unfinished, so I'm interested to see if we are going to get a sequel. Hopefully so! All in all though, a really great book and I rated it 5 hearts

Author Bio:

"Hey there, I'm Nikki Sex!

I write sexy contemporary romance, often involving a bit of kink. I'm also a sucker for Happy Ever After endings, so no matter how dark my stories get, fear not! It always all works out."

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