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Review: Abbi Glines "Kiro's Emily (Rosemary Beach novella)."

Review: Abbi Glines "Kiro's Emily (Rosemary Beach novella)."


The year is 1992, and no one on the rock music scene is hotter than Kiro Manning, the lead singer of Slacker Demon. With a multi-platinum record, total ownership of the Billboard charts, sold-out concerts, and sinful amounts of money, Kiro can have anything—and anyone—he wants.

So when a dark-haired, conservative beauty rebuffs him at a concert after-party, his first thought is, “Who the hell does she think she is?” His second thought: “How do I make her mine?” Kiro has always loved a good challenge, but not every girl wants to get involved with a rock god. Especially this girl.

He let her go that night, but he never forgot her. And when they met again, he vowed not to give up again so easily.

As the world worshipped Kiro, he came to worship the girl, who became everything he never knew he needed. The only girl he would ever love. His Emily.

Review: Surj Harvey

This book was such a beautiful, touching story about how a young, innocent small town girl captured the heart of a rock star and how her unconditional love and support changed that man forever. Kiro and Emily's story truly swept me off my feet as I got lost in the friendship and subsequent romance that flourished. It was heart warming and exciting and I loved the journey they embarked on, despite knowing how it would all end. 

"She wasn't what I was expecting. She looks like fucking snow white. 
I was testing her and she passed. She is motherfucking snow white. 
Get that through your lust haze you got going on. Not your type, Kiro."

Told from dual POV, I was really able to understand the depth and intensity of the bond this couple shared. Their's was a love that most people can only dream of and as such, I finally understood the man Kiro had become. There was more to this man than I could have ever imagined when I first met him as the bad ass rockstar way back when. He had his reasons for the way he was and as much as I might not agree, I did finally get it. 

With one kiss, my life was altered. It would follow a different path now. 
One where a woman owned my heart. 

Emily's character reminded me of Harlow and I could see that Harlow really did take after her mother. That quietness, shyness, naivety and innocence really shone through and I could completely see the resemblance... like mother like daughter and in the best possible way. 

Despite only being a novella, I was so caught up in this love story that I didn't realise just how much Abbi Glines had managed to fit into this book until it was over. Never did it feel rushed and not once did the flow seem disjointed despite the story covering several years. In fact, each transition was seamless as this couple shared many a beautiful life changing moment together. 

Emily is my soulmate. In this life and the next, she will be the one soul who completes me. 

Abbi Gline, I'm so thankful you gave us "Kiro's Emily." It really helped to tie up loose ends and gave me an insight into not only Kiro and emily's history but also the history between Rush's parents and also Mace and his mother. Just a beautiful yet heart wrenching story that was a perfect addition to this story. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I rated this book ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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