Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Review & Giveaway: Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 8-Never Let Go (The Affair #8)".

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to bring you the Review & Giveaway for Beth Kery's "The Affair: Week 8-Never Let Go (The Affair #8)".

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Upon her return to the Breakers, Emma makes a bracing decision--her affair with Montand will end, but only to make way for a deeper relationship with the man she loves. But Montand's aunt Vera has plans, too. Vindictive, obsessive, and unsettlingly territorial, Vera insists that Emma leave the Breakers and never look back. And she has the weapon to make it happen: a final secret about Montand that even he doesn't know, one with such devastating implications that it would surely destroy him and ruin any chance of happiness he might have hoped for with Emma.

Loathe to plunge Montand into despair, Emma decides to heed Vera's warning. But as Emma first learned when she arrived at the Breakers eight weeks ago, Montand's family promised many surprises. And there is one more to come that could change everything.


Just as everything was so perfect between Emma and Montand along came another skeleton from the closet. I just knew something bad would happen, something that would cause havoc between the couple. I was heartbroken for them. It seemed as though Montand's past would always find away of dictating his future. 

The thought of losing her felt like hot knives piercing him, stealing his breath.

I felt so sorry for Emma. She found herself in an impossible situation. Once again she was ready to prove how selfless she was and how much she loved Montand. I've liked Emma from day one and it was a joy to see her so happy with him. I was devastated for her, her whole world was crumbling down. I wished they'd stayed on the South of France! 

"You've hauled me into the world of the living again, Emma." 

Montand had finally began to overcome the guilt from his past and with the support of Emma, he was a better man. I have loved watching him find his true self, emerging as a loving and caring man. Unfortunately now with this final obstacle I was worried how he would react. Would he, once again let the darkness take over his life? 

"The Affair" has been another addictive series from Beth. It was a series full of twists and turns that kept me hooked throughout. I loved the way that the story ended. It felt like everything had been wrapped up perfectly. It was a brilliant conclusion to a fantastic series. 

"Never Let Go" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.

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