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Release Blitz & Giveaway for Kirsty Moseley's "One Wild Night (Enjoying the Chase Novella)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Release Blitz & Giveaway for Kirsty Moseley's "One Wild Night (Enjoying the Chase Novella)."
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An 'Enjoying the Chase' novella.

Twelve overgrown man-children, sixteen hours, and a whole lot of liquor. Just how much fun can be had in one night?

Join Nate, Ashton and their friends on a wild night out on the town.

*NOTE* This is NOT a romance story, it's a short (approx 22 thousand word) humour sketch. It's an Enjoying the Chase novella featuring characters from my other published novels - Enjoying the Chase and Nothing Left to Lose. WARNING - Contains spoilers for both books.


As I stood in the lobby waiting for him to arrive, a bad feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to be doing tonight – all I knew was that when Ashton had gotten married a few years back, I had taken my best man duties seriously, and of course had teased the shit out of him all night long. Tonight was probably going to be payback. 

As the front door swung open and Ashton strutted in with a shit-eating grin on his face, I groaned loudly. He was wearing a black T-shirt that read: ‘Best man of the pussy-whipped party’ on the front. 

“You ready for this, Nate?” he asked. 

“Seriously? You’re wearing that?” I asked, pointing down at his chest. 

He laughed and nodded, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “This is going to be one wild night, but don’t worry; I’ll get you so drunk you won’t even remember it in the morning,” he assured me, leading me out of the building.

I sighed deeply. I had a feeling I was going to live to regret ever meeting him by the time morning came. This was probably going to be the most painfully embarrassing night of my twenty-five years of life.


Kirsty Moseley lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and son. After discovering Wattpad, an online writing site, she decided to take the plunge and upload one of her stories on there. Seven million reads later, she then decided to try her hand at publishing. The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window was her first novel, published in April 2012. Over two years later, she now has five books under her belt, an international bestselling title and over thirteen hundred five star reviews on Amazon. 

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