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Blog Tour: L.H Cosway's "Six of Hearts."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for L.H Cosway's "Six of Hearts."

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Step right up and meet Jay Fields: Illusionist. Mentalist. Trickster.

I think in triangles. You think in straight lines.

I show you a table and make you believe it’s a chair.

Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, misdirection. I trick and deceive.

But most of all, I put on a good show.

The world thinks I killed a man, but I didn’t. Bear with me. It’s all a part of the plan.

Revenge is what I want. I want it for me and I want it for her.
I want it for all six of us.

She doesn’t remember me, but she’s the reason for everything. She’ll be my prize at the end of all this – if I can hold onto my willpower, that is. Maybe I’ll slip up a little, have a taste, just a small one.

So go ahead and pick a card. Come inside and see the show. Look at my hands, look so closely that you can’t see what’s happening while you’re so focused on looking. I’ll be destroying your world from right here in the spotlight.

You’ll never see me coming until it’s too late.

I’ve only got one heart, and after I’ve pulled off my grand deception I’ll hand it right to her.

So, sit back, relax, and let my girl tell you our story. You’re in for one hell of a ride. 

Blog Tour Review: Kirsty Lander

I absolutely loved this book and I'm pretty sure the author, L.H. Cosway is a genius. I just don't think it's possible for her to write a boring book.

"The maybes could go on forever, Watson, but we both know that mystery is better than
 the truth. So why not live with the magic? Be a kid again and believe in the fantastical. 
Life is more fun with a little smoke and mirrors."

Out of the three books I have read by this author, Painted Faces, Still Life with Strings and Six of Hearts, it would be impossible to pick a favourite. I have loved each of them, and all for entirely different reasons. Every book is unique, intriguing and has me hooked within the first few pages, making me want to read non-stop until I have finished. It has been the same for all three books, and Six of Hearts was absolutely no exception. I had been in a massive book funk, reading the same book for two weeks, when I started and it took me a day to finish. I had to keep going to find out where the story was taking me.

One of the things I loved the most about Six of Hearts was that the characters are just so damn normal. With the exception of Jay, the illusionist, of course. The female lead, Matilda, could not have been more 'normal'. Just an everyday girl, with an everyday job, who falls in love with an extraordinary man. Jay is certainly a mystery when we first meet him. Very cloak and dagger.. we don't know too much about him but there is an aire of mystery about him. What secrets is he hiding? Of course, as the reader, we know there are some but personally I didn't fully work them out, which I loved. It wasn't until right at the end where everything clicked in to place that I thought "why didn't I think of that?" Aside from the mysteriousness of Jay, he had everything else going for him too. He was charming, witty and most importantly, a real cheeky chap. He had it all and reading about him was so enjoyable. I laughed and I swooned. Hard.

"When I look at you, my head clears. Most times there's a storm up in this brain of mine, 
but then you walk into a room and I can focus."

As I have touched upon already, the authors writing ability is pretty much out of this world and I think it's tragic that her books are not in stores for the world to read. They are all that good. Every single chapter in this book had me hooked and wanting to read on. The story itself is unique, not just a romance, but a book about justice and revenge, written very tastefully so. It really has been such a long time that a book has clicked with me so much and had me so enthralled, but this one was everything I needed and more. Everything about it was just spot on, from the story to the characters. I certainly haven't enjoyed a book this much in a very long time.

"With Jason Fields by my side, the world is a pretty magical place."

I have to admit, I wish I was a part of that magical place. I rated "Six of Hearts" 5 Hearts

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