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Blog Tour: J.D Chase's "The Player."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & for J.D Chase's "The Player."


Feisty redhead, Isla Hamilton, is the ambitious Assistant General Manager of a luxury Kensington hotel. When the hotel is sold, she is desperate to become the new General Manager. There’s just one problem standing in her way, and it’s standing over six feet tall - the king of arrogance and inappropriateness, Xander Rhodes. Her mind hates his obnoxious, godlike presence but, no matter how hard she fights it, her body reacts to his distinct style of directness, particularly his dirty mouth, and maintaining a professional distance soon becomes difficult.

Events from the recent past haunt her, forcing her to swear that she’ll never give another man a chance to hurt her. But Xander isn’t interested in commitment, he’s too busy battling his own demons that are shrouded in secrecy so he can’t hurt her, right? When he warns her that spending the night with him would only make her crave him like an addiction, she is sceptical and determined to prove him wrong. If anything, she’d make him crave her.

But will she be ready to handle the fallout if she succeeds?

Warning: adult content - dirty talk and hot sex may offend the prudish!

Blog Tour  Review-Jo 

I loved this book. It was a brilliant read that I found difficult to put down and as such I read it quite quickly. A word of warning though: this book ends in an almighty cliffhanger that made me want to throw my kindle at the wall!! 

"The Player" follows the story of Isla and Xander. Isla was a feisty redhead who was intelligent and ambitious. She worked hard in her job at a top London hotel, determined to make her way to the top  one day. So when hot new hotel owner "Xander" came along she was ready to impress. And impress she did! 

I truly liked Isla, despite being burnt by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she continued to get on with life and was adamant that she would succeed and not wallow in self pity. Isla refused to get tangled in another relationship so when she met Xander, he was just the type of guy she needed. He offered smoking hot sex with no commitment. Who was going to say no to that? I also loved the fact that Isla was not the usual stick thin girl, she was curvy, with a good sized bottom and pair of boobs that made Xander crazy. Isla was a real woman that I could totally connect with. 

"You have a fantastic body, so much better than all of those waifish types.
And I am telling you this, curves with confidence is a heady combination 
that'll give any man the erection of a lifetime. "

Xander was a sexy, domineering man who had a foul mouth that left me feeling a little uncomfortable. I usually love a dirty talker but some of the words that came out of his mouth I just didn't find sexy at all. 

"You dirty fucking bitch. You filthy, amazing, beautiful bitch. 
Your juices are in my mouth, my nose, my eyes and even in my ears! 
All I can taste and smell is you, you filthy wonderful creature." 

I think it was when Xander called Isla a "Dirty bitch" that made feel a little awkward. Sorry J.D, Chase, those words just didn't do it for me! Despite this there was something about Xander that intrigued me, I was captivated by him and I wanted to know more. As I progressed through the story it became clear that Xander had secrets that he was hiding from Isla and I wondered what was going on with him. I was eager to get some answers.

So Isla and Xander met and were hugely attracted to each other. The sexual tension between the couple was hot and I couldn't wait until they gave into their desires. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long! 

He riled her, intoxicated her, frustrated her confused her, but worst of all, he aroused her.

What ensued was a passionate affair with some scorching sex scenes between the couple. Xander certainly knew what to do in the bedroom and Isla was having the time of her life! LOL.

"Fuck me, Xander. Fuck me into the mattress and then fuck me some more. 
Fuck me until I can barely walk into work. Then every time I move today, 
I'll feel where you're cock has rubbed me sore." 

This couple were not all about their bedroom antics though, they were also a fabulous team in the workplace too. Isla and Xander were a perfect match. They were just what the other needed. Neither promised anything long term and I loved how Isla, despite her feelings growing for him, never asked for more or attempted to change him. Isla just accepted the circumstances and got on with it. I loved Isla and Xander and I was rooting for them throughout the whole story. 

"Red, I fucking need you like the earth needs the sun. I know it's fucking mental. 
I've only just met you but you get me, Red. You take me on toe-to-toe when 
I'm being an arrogant fuck. You trust me to do unmentionable things to your body and, 
not only that, you enjoy it at least as much as as I do, and that is mind blowing for me." 

As the end of the book fast approached I realized that I wasn't ready for story to end. There was still so many questions that needed answering and then it happened. A huge curve ball that I was not expecting. What a way to end!!! Bring on book two, I can't bloody wait!! 

The Player gets 4.5 smoking hot hearts from me. 


The sommelier glided up to the table and, after a consultation with Xander in fluid French that Isla couldn’t follow, poured them both a glass of white wine.

‘Thank you for agreeing to have dinner with me. I think we’ll accomplish quite a lot as we dine which will hopefully bode well for the future,’ Xander said, smiling and looking as relaxed as she felt.

‘It’s my pleasure. I just wish I’d had chance to dress appropriately. I feel very underdressed,’ she replied, taking a sip of her wine. It was deliciously crisp yet surprisingly smooth.

With a wave of his hand, Xander dismissed her comments. ‘I can assure you, the pleasure is all mine and, if anything, you’re overdressed, although that dress suits you. It clings to your curves in all the right places as I’m sure every hot-blooded male has noticed today. You have a fantastic body, so much better than all those waifish types. And I’ll tell you this, curves with confidence is a heady combination that’ll give any man the erection of a lifetime.’

Isla swallowed. Is he coming on to me? As usual, he’d chosen his words carefully so that it could be a harmless compliment or a subtle come on. She couldn’t help but feel flattered.

She gave the only response that her tipsy brain thought would be suitable in either case. She looked him in the eye and said, ‘Thank you but I’m not interested in what men think.’

‘So you’re a lesbian?’

She was about to correct him but figured that if he was coming on to her, then he’d stop if he thought she was only interested in women so she said nothing.

‘Do you know that it’s every man’s fantasy to see two women together? To watch their soft fingers and tongues pleasuring one another, as he sits back and strokes his cock.’ He grinned wickedly, leaning closer. ‘Unless of course, he were invited to join in.’

The predatory expression left her in no doubt that he would love to see her with another woman and that he was getting turned on.

‘Can you imagine that, Red?’ His voice had dropped to a whisper and she could feel his breath on her ear.

Could she ever! Oh my God. That’s so fucking hot! Oh no, this is all going badly wrong.

She gulped down a mouthful of wine, attempting to keep her own arousal under control. She had to cool him down some.

‘But I’m not a lesbian,’ she said simply, feeling stupid for having allowed the insinuation that she was.

His lips were almost touching her ear now. ‘So that would just leave the two of us to pleasure each other, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine that?’

Intimate images formed in her mind. Oh yes, I fucking can! She shook her head.

‘I think you’re lying but if you can’t imagine it, perhaps I’ll just have to enlighten you. Are you ready to get down to business?’ 


Thankfully, they were interrupted by the arrival of the first course and Isla tucked in and began to babble away, raving about how delicious it was – anything to get off that dangerous topic of conversation.

He sat back and watched her with a lazy, self-satisfied grin on his face.

Thankfully, for the next three courses – Isla was beginning to wonder how many courses there would be – Xander behaved impeccably and they did indeed get down to business. They argued good naturedly about whether the hotel needed a total makeover or whether the old-fashioned luxury look would cut it in the current climate. The conversation was interspersed with much laughter and joviality and Isla relaxed once more. She realised that the sommelier was doing a fantastic job of keeping several delicious wines flowing with the courses. Something irked her about that but she couldn’t think what it was.

When the pre-dessert dessert arrived, Isla announced that she couldn’t possibly eat any more. Xander laughed and then told her that she must force herself because her curves needed maintaining as much as his hard-on needed release.

She burst out laughing.

‘You think I’m joking?’ he challenged.

She continued to laugh until he grasped her hand and placed it over his cock. She gasped, not sure whether it was because of his audacity – shoving her hand on his crotch in a public place – the fact that he did indeed have a raging hard-on, or because her clenching pussy told her how much it needed to feel his cock. Not just feel it, but claim it, pleasure it and milk it dry. She didn’t care whether that was with her hands, her mouth or her pussy. She just wanted that cock!

She raised her eyes to his and saw the need in him too. Neither moved. Neither spoke. Each seemed to be waiting for the other to say what needed to be said. His cock twitched under her hand, telling her what he wanted without him uttering a word; but he was her boss and she knew nothing about him. Nothing except his name and she didn’t even know his full name . . . but that rock-solid cock was calling to her. She could almost feel its silky skin. Her hand closed around it, making his breath hitch. It had been so long since she’d had sex. Six whole months, albeit by her own choice but she’d never been turned on in all that time, never put herself in a situation where she might weaken. Until now. So there she was, sitting with hormones raging, her hand wrapped around her boss’s long, thick, twitching cock. 

‘Er, Red . . . having your hand grasping my cock is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but if you keep rubbing it like that, I think I’ll explode.’

Rubbing it? Holy fuck, so I am!

‘And I think it’s only fair that since you got me in this state, you help me relieve my discomfort,’ he breathed, his eyes daring her to refuse.

She smirked. ‘You were already in that state before I touched you and it was you that put my hand on you.’

‘But you made it hard. I’ve been battling burgeoning erections since I first laid eyes on you last Monday. Every time I walk away from you I have to readjust my pants.’

She gave his cock a squeeze. ‘Not my problem, Xander. If you can’t control yourself, that’s not my fault.’

He leaned in closer still and caught the lobe of her ear between his teeth. She shivered, which seemed to embolden him further because he placed a hand on the skin of her thigh. ‘I can’t control myself when your hand is squeezing my cock, trapping my blood flow so that my hard-on has no chance of retreat. That’s unfair. Perhaps I should even the score . . .’

He deftly slid his hand up her thigh and over the front of her lace panties. She fought hard not to show a reaction, although every single nerve ending in her body screamed it was on fire. ‘Score? Is that what this is – a game? Or your way of telling me you’re a player?’ she said, wishing she could toss her hair haughtily without head-butting him.

‘I’m playing a game of tit for tat, if that’s what you mean . . . or rather pussy for cock.’ His fingers pressed firmly against her mound as he said the word pussy.

‘You’ll be playing a game of getting us kicked out of a fancy restaurant if the waiter reappears.’

He chuckled, his breath against her ear making her want to tilt her head to expose her neck, but she resisted. She could tell he was used to winning . . . but she hated to lose.

‘That’s the beauty of hotels like this. I assure you that if a waiter appeared, he’d show no surprise at what we’re doing. He’d go about his business then leave.’

‘Taking my dignity with him?’ she countered. ‘I don’t know about you but I’m not an exhibitionist.’

‘You don’t know what you’re missing,’ he quipped, and from the way he said it, she wasn’t at all sure that he was joking.

‘I prefer to keep my sex life private.’

‘Whoa, Red! Slow it down! Who said anything about having sex?...”

About the author:

J.D. Chase was born in central UK and has never moved very far away – she has a very close-knit family who she’d miss too much if she ventured too far away for too long. She has honours degrees in financial economics and education but now is a full-time sorcerer of shamelessly sexy smut. She’s always loved telling stories, either in verbal or written form since she was a child. She loves reading just as much as she loves writing because relishes the sheer escapism of losing herself in a book. A good steamy romance always does the trick … but shoe shopping comes a close second! She has a penchant for sexy alpha males and abhors wimpy female leads – this may be because she’s a feisty lady herself.

For many years, she has had more than a passing interest in BDSM (nod, nod … wink, wink) but found that she was often frustrated by the lack of books that were both well written and ‘true’ to the lifestyle and not totally stereotypical. So one day, she put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) to write her own and the Orion the Hunter series was born. Little did she know that, at that moment, she was sowing the seeds of change. For, just a few months later, as a somewhat bewildered Amazon Kindle bestselling Indie author, she quit her career as an education professional to write full time. All of her releases (so far) have been kindle bestsellers - something that still astounds her.

The Player (Rouge Passion #1) releases just in time for her appearance at the fabulous Romance Author and Reader Event in Edinburgh ... she will probably do some fangirling over the other authors, as well as signing her own books. She’s also signing at the British Book Affair in London in April 2015.

J.D. loves to chat about books - hers and other authors' so look her up on social media and say hi. 

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