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Blog Tour, Interview & Giveaway: Samantha Towle's "Taming the Storm (The Storm # 3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Samantha Towle's "Taming the Storm (The Storm # 3)." 


Lyla Summers hates men. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word … Lyla intensely dislikes men.

Her father has let her down her whole life. Her brother betrayed her in the worst way possible. And her past relationship experiences with men have been less than great.
Lyla is focussing all her energy into her band, Vintage, so when they receive an offer to sign with TMS Records, it seems that things are finally turning around for her. The last thing she wants is a man getting in the way.

Tom Carter loves women. Okay, love might be pushing it … Tom enjoys screwing lots of women.

When tragedy befalls his best friend, Tom finds himself making a promise to the big man upstairs – he’ll change his ways, if he saves the woman his best friend loves.

Tom’s prayer is answered. Now he has to change. Which means no sleeping around.

After Vintage’s manager breaks her leg skiing, Tom steps in as tour manager, and Lyla finds herself on tour with the man whore of rock.

Put one perpetually horny Tom and one sex resistant Lyla together, equals a recipe for disaster. Or so you’d think…

But an unexpected friendship is formed. A closeness neither of them expected. Putting one chastity belt and one lamp that is in desperate need of rubbing, to the test.

Will the sex storm that is Tom Carter, finally find himself tamed by the rock chick with a hardened heart, or will he go back to his womanizing ways…?

Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

Well, well, well... who'd have thought Tom Carter had one as big as that!!!! Pull your thoughts out of the gutter ladies (tut tut) because I'm talking about his heart.... yes you heard right...his heart. I absolutely loved the third installment in "The Storm Series." OK, there might have been a tiny, little doubt that it might not be as good as the first two books (come on... Jake and Tru's love story would take some beating). But rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Hell no, Tom and Lyla's book stood on it's own two feet with the characters making this story very much their own. Mentions of "The Mighty Storm" and previous characters we'd grown to know and love were few and far between which worked perfectly, giving this couple the lime light they truly deserved. Everything about "Taming the Storm" was five hearts for me... from the story line to the characters to the writing which was as flawless and engaging as ever. Another job well done Mrs Towle... but now I want more. I'm greedy, yeah I get it but if you don't ask... you don't get... right?!?!? 

"I swear, I will only have sex with a woman if she really means something to me." 
Did I actually say that- out loud? Christ!

Tom and Lyla's characters were just brilliant and it was difficult to find fault with them, even when their verbal sparring hit an all time low and they slung around insults knowing full well the hurt they would cause.... even with all of that, I couldn't help but love them. They were the best none relationship- relationship ever!!! Tom remained as cocky, arrogant and sharp tongued as ever, winding Lyla up at every possible opportunity:

"And your face... gorgeous, really gorgeous. I can honestly say the only thing I don't like about you... is your no filter, ball busting mouth."
"Ugh! Screw you!"
"Please do. I would love to see you riding my cock."

And Lyla... well she was no kitten... hell no. She was feisty, strong willed and unfortunately had no filter when it came to what came out of that mouth of hers.... that usually landed her in a whole heap of trouble. But these two shared something else. Despite all of their bickering, they actually formed an unlikely friendship which showed a whole new side to each of their characters... a caring, protective, vulnerable side. But could they stay just friends? Uhhhh noooo!!! Not with all the sexual tension bubbling under the surface!!! 

I'm attracted to him and turned on pretty much twenty-four/ seven because 
I have to live on the same tour bus as him. For a woman who is on a sex ban, 
that's like sticking a dieter in the middle of a chocolate factory. 

The energy bouncing off these two was enough to light up Vegas and my god did Samantha Towle tease us with it. There was so much 'would they... wouldn't they' and even when they almost did... even when they were so close and I was fizzing with excitement, I was more often than not left feeling like I'd just had a bucket of ice water thrown over me!!! Trust me... it's worth the wait because when they did finally get it on... holy cow... what can I say... Tom, his Lamp and his very dirty mouth... the rumors were true.. he really could make a woman scream his name. On another plus...he liked to take charge in the bedroom... (fans self!!!). 

"The only woman I want right now is you. I can't stop thinking about you. 
What it would feel like to be inside you. God ly, 
I can't stop imagining how sweet your pussy will taste on my tongue."

Samantha Towle stayed true to her characters when writing "Taming the Storm" and as such gave us a book that was more often that not light hearted, full to the brim with humour and wit and of course jam packed full of naughtiness. After all, that was Tom through and through. However there was a serious side to this couple's story so be prepared to go on quite the angst filled ride.. especially towards the end when all hell breaks loose and skeletons are well and truly thrust out of the closet. 

He came barreling into my world and knocked away every defensive wall I'd built 
and I was stupid to think it wouldn't affect me... he wouldn't affect me. 

In this book, we are given a fantastic addition to "The Storm Series" and although it seems that this could be the end, I'm truly hoping that it isn't. There are too many secondary characters that I've met on along the way (in particular the band members of "Vintage") that all seem to have a story to tell. Cale in particular has me intrigued and I would just lurve to know what he's all about. Like I said, just a thought!!! 

So here we are, review done, just the scores on the doors... 5 Hearts obviously ... couldn't imagine giving it anything else!!!

Interview with Samantha Towle:

Hi Samantha. Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer some questions for us. We cannot wait for some of the answers, so we're going to get stuck right in!!! 

Since The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog interviewed you early last year, you really have gone from strength to strength when it comes to your writing and your success, but what has been the one thing that has meant the most to you during that time? 

Becoming a New York Times Bestseller. It is something, since I started writing that I had dreamed happening – not believing it would! And to achieve that dream goal, felt incredibly amazing. 

What was your biggest worry when it came to releasing "Taming the Storm?" (other than the obvious of course that no one would like it (because that would seriously never happen!!!)? lol 

That Tom wouldn’t stand apart. I knew he would be compared to Jake, which I totally understood as I would do the same! So my biggest worry was that Tom wouldn’t come out from under Jake’s shadow. 

So we finally have Tom and we absolutely love him... but what was the most difficult part of writing his story? 

The most difficult scene for me to write was Lyla's scene with Dex in the hospital. It was gut-wrenching to write.

Obviously Tom would need quite a kick ass heroine if he were to ever find himself a "one woman man," but where did the idea of Lyla come from? 

The idea of Lyla came while writing WETHERING THE STORM. As soon as she came into my head I knew she was the ONE for Tom.

So the ending... no epilogue.... what's the deal Mrs Towle? You know how us readers just revel in a good epilogue!!! 

Writing an epilogue would mean letting go of the characters and I just wasn’t able to do it.

So you have quite a few men under your belt now (not in the literal sense of course!!!) but do you have a favourite out of all the men you have written about and why? 

I can't pick one! That would be like asking which one of my children I prefer! lol

Out of all of the books you've written, is there one which will always hold a special place? 

THE MIGHTY STORM, for many reasons, but mostly Jake.

So is that it? The end of the Storm Series.... because I reckon there could be more.... how about a spin off series for the Vintage boys? So I'm clutching at straws I know but I'm only asking what everyone is thinking!!! Oh and I need more!!! 

No Comment! lol

So what's next for Samantha Towle and are there any success milestones you have yet to achieve? 

I’m currently writing the first book in my new trilogy, which I’m very excited about! And after that I’ll start writing my new standalone To Fix You, which will be my first full male POV novel.

Thank you so much for your time Samantha and congratulations once again on all your success. 

Fan Made Trailer:

Author Bio:

Samantha Towle is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn't stopped writing since.

She is the author of contemporary romances, The Mighty Storm, Wethering the Storm, and Trouble. She has also written paranormal romances, The Bringer and The Alexandra Jones Series, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, and more of her favorite musicians.

A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

Samantha is giving away:
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