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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Laurelin Paiges "Take Two (Lights, Camera #1) ."

Take Two (Lights, Camera, #1)
The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Laurelin Paiges "Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)."

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He’s ready for his close up, but she’s the one calling the shots. 

On the night of her graduation from film school, straight-laced Maddie Bauers fell completely out of character for an oh-my-god make-out session with a perfect stranger. Complete with the big O.

Seven years later, that romantic interlude is still fresh in her mind. That stranger is now a rich and famous actor. And she’s one very distracted camera assistant working on his latest production. She might consider another tryst…if he even remembers her.

Micah Preston does indeed remember Maddie. Too bad he’s sworn off Hollywood relationships. He allows himself as much sex as he likes—and oh, he does like—but anything more is asking for trouble. For the woman, not for him. Yet knowing Maddie could want more than a movie-set fling doesn’t stop him from pursuing her like a moth drawn to hot stage lights. 

But as the shoot nears its end, it’s decision time. Is it time to call, “Cut!” on their affair, or is there enough material for a sequel?

Warning: Contains a dreamy movie star hero, a focus-pulling heroine, off-the-charts instant chemistry, steamy sex in near-public locations, and a new use for lip gloss.

Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

"Take Two" was a light hearted second chance romance involving a Hollywood A-Lister and a camera assistant but this one definitely didn't follow the conventional route. Nope, despite there being an instant attraction between the two main characters Maddie and Micah, bad decisions and poor judgement calls meant that a relationship wasn't something that would come easily to this couple. 

Micah's career had always taken precedence over love and that's what had initially stopped him pursuing something more with Maddie all those years ago when they'd had the mother of all  fumbles at a party. In their seven years apart, Micah had become quite the Hollywood playboy with women willing to do whatever it took to get time alone with him. 

He wasn't a guy who was in it for the long haul. Micah was a movie star. 
He was into girls for a minute. 
He couldn't recapture days before his fame and that was the price he paid. Career over love. 

Micah was a little cocky, very arrogant and a lot frustrating!!! I just couldn't take to him at all. This whole inner turmoil of career versus love drove me bat shit crazy!!! People in Hollywood have relationships... very successful ones all the time and I just wanted Micah to look at the bigger picture. But no... he chose the jack ass route on more than one occasion which made me want to slap him and knock some sense in to him. I mean how long was he willing to go without even trying a relationship? Would he be a playboy forever??? Grrr!!!!

He was a lion and she was his prey, helpless under his gaze, his touch, 
even his artsy intellect reduced her to a puddle. 

As for Maddie, I struggled with her character too. She just came across so wishy washy, going weak at the knees with her pants becoming "slippery" whenever Micah was around!!! (yup the image of slippery panties was definitely not a good one!!!). 

What the fuck was she doing kissing the man who had screwed with her on set? 
Did she have zero self respect? Had her usual professional demeanor disappeared 
just because Micah had some sort of magnetic pull on her vagina? 

I wanted Maddie to voice what she wanted from Micah and not settle for anything less, but time and time again, she seemed to just accept what he wanted.... which was taking each day at a time with no mention of the future... not even the very near future... I mean what would happen after they finished shooting the film? As her insecurities surfaced, she started to really annoy me. Thank god for the "wake up and smell the coffee" moment which made me scream halle_freakin_ lujah. 

"Take Two" had its fair share of steam. Oh yes, Micah and Maddie just loved to get it on but there were some moments that came across as a little cheesy for me and unfortunately made me do the whole eye roll thing, An example:

"Maddie, I want you to come for me," he growled. 
"Ah I'm coming!" 
"I am too." 
"Mmm, baby, you're incredible." 

Ok so there was a bit of dialogue in between but you get the general gist. And I already mentioned the whole slippery panties thing which honestly made me shudder that with the liquid that pooled between Maddie's  legs whenever Micah was around  and I felt the urge to go and get her some tena lady. I wanted erotic, sexy, toe curling images, not images that made me think she had a medical condition!!!! 

Overall, "Take Two" was a good read. A few curve balls gave the element of surprise and the fact that Micah continued to be a ass hole for the most part of the book definitely shook this ups a little. Despite being told in third party, I was still given dual POV which enabled me to get a good understanding of the characters thought processes ... did it work in helping me connect with Micah and Maddie?... unfortunately not this time. The characters just didn't hit the mark for me, irritating me more than making me want to love them. Although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone with an ending you'll be happy with.  
I rated "Take Two" 3.5 Hearts

Author Bio:

About Laurelin: Laurelin Paige is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn't seem to complain, however. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably singing, watching Mad Men and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Adam Levine.

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