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Book Blitz & Giveaway: J.D Rivera's "Guarded".

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Book Blitz & Giveaway for J.D Rivera's "Guarded."


Vanessa Smith has her heart guarded. She’s been married to a man that sleeps around and has made her think she’s ugly and undeserving. Everything changes when she is knocked down by the famous basketball player, Jackson Berrios. A friendship ensues and everything she thought she knew about men turns out to be wrong.

Jackson Berrios was out for a run in a new city when he made contact with the beautiful Vanessa Smith. He instantly knew she was different from most girls but can he make her see that he’s different from her cheating husband?

My Review: Jo Rushton 

I had high hope's for this story. The blurb really pulled me in and I was eager to get started. A hot sports star falling for the broken hearted girl, who wouldn't want that to happen to them? Sadly "Guarded" didn't live up to my expectations and by the time I reached the end I was left feeling a little disappointed. 

This story followed Jackson, the sexy basketball player new in town, and Vanessa, who was in the middle of a divorce and unwilling to trust any man ever again. 

Vanessa and Jackson met when they literally ran into each other. There was an immediate attraction and sparks definitely flew between the couple. Jackson was intrigued by Vanessa and he wanted to get to know her but Vanessa was understandably reluctant to become involved with a man so soon after her marriage break up. Jackson however refused to give up  and set out on a mission to prove that he was the guy for her. 

"I know it's weird since we don't know each other at all really, but I feel something other 
then just attraction for you. I can safely say I've never been like this with say another women." 

The plot was a good one but I felt like there was no depth to the story. I was willing for something to happen that would bring some excitement to the story line but the rollercoaster of emotions never crossed the starting line and I'm sorry to say I became a little bored. (Insert sad face here!). 

Even though the story was not the best, I did like the characters. Jackson and Vanessa were both sweet and caring and truly deserved happiness in their lives. Each chapter was told from either Vanessa or Jackson's perspective which I liked, giving me the opportunity to know how the couple truly felt for each other.

Guarded is the first book in the Guarded series so this book is not the end of Vanessa and Jackson's journey. The story ended on a happy note and there was no nasty cliff-hanger, thank goodness! I rated Guarded 3 hearts.

Meet the Author:

J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.

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