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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Sylvia Day's "Spellbound."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for Sylvia Day's "SpellBound."
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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes a story of the ultimate seduction. . . .

Max Westin. Sex incarnate. She could smell it, feel it with his proximity. Everything about him was a little rough, a little gritty. He was a primitive creature. Just like her. He held her hand a little too long, his gaze, under thick lashes, clearly stating his intention to have her. To tame her. . . .


Her name, just one word, but spoken with such possession she could almost feel the collar around her neck.

"It's in your nature," he murmured. "The desire to be taken."

In this game of cat and mouse, everything is an illusion, but the passion is as real as it gets. . . .

Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

I could probably count on one hand how many paranormal romances I've read but that's probably more that the synopsis for said books haven't particularly grabbed me as opposed to the fact that I'm not a fan of this genre. So when the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour for Sylvia Day's "Spellbound" came up, the blurb sounded so good, I jumped at the chance. Yup this book definitely had a BDSM element to it along with the the drama and action brought by the paranormal twist so I wanted in.  

So what did I think about it? OK so I'll be completely honest, the premise for the story was really good. The opening chapters definitely had me intrigued and Victoria's character.. well I liked her right from the start. She was a strong woman hell bent on revenge... revenge she had been seeking for years ...  and no one, not even the hunters who had been sent to bring her down were going to get in her way. Hell no, each one that presented himself had been chewed up and spat out. That was until Max Westin. Victoria knew why he was there but there was something about this hunter that peaked her interest... that got her hot under that feline collar of hers (and I could see why). This man was sex incarnate. He was 100% hot and I really wanted to get to know him better. I wanted to see where their story would go and I couldn't wait for the power struggle to begin. Neither hunter or familiar was used to losing so this was going to make for very interesting reading:

"To submit is not to be weak. You would not be less of a woman, but so much more of one."

Unfortunately because this "Spellbound" was two short stories in one that spanned a few years (which I suddenly realised when I hit the first epilogue almost half way through), it meant everything seemed to happen really quickly... and if I blinked... I missed it. A few times, I had to go back and re read to make sure what I'd read was right. The premise of this book was a really good one but I have to say, it really needed to be longer.... the bones were there but I needed the meat... so much more meat. I wanted to to see more character development, I wanted to see Max and Victoria's relationship develop slower than what it did, I wanted to see pages of really hot, dirty, sub/dom sex and lastly, I needed the drama and action that came to last longer... more often than not, it was over in a flash and I was left wondering what just happened!!!! 

So in summary, can you guess what I wanted? yes I wanted a full length novel which would give me time to connect with the characters and the story more so than I did  and honestly, if I'd have got this, I think I would have grasped the paranormal element of the book a lot better and I would have been more emotionally invested. I was almost there ... almost and a couple of times I did find myself sitting up, taking note of the fact that my heart rate was doing strange things but then it was gone. 

A simple black ribbon that proclaimed she was owned, loved, looked after, protected. 

I rated "Spellbound" 3- 3.5 Hearts. Like I said, this wasn't a bad book, not at all. I just craved more depth... yes that's it... more depth!!!! 

About the Author:

SYLVIA DAY is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen novels. A wife and mother, she is a former Russian linguist for the US Army Military Intelligence Corps. She's been honored with the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, the National Readers' Choice Award, the EPPIE Award, the Readers' Crown, and multiple finalist nominations for Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA Award of Excellence.

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