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Review: Jodi Ellen Malpas "Beneath this Man" (This Man Trilogy)

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Review: Jodi Ellen Malpas' "Beneath This Man" (#2 This Man Trilogy)


She knew she was heading towards disaster. Every instinct told her to run, but Jesse Ward was a hard man to escape.
It has been five days’ since Ava O’Shea left Jesse drunk and raging at Lusso – left behind a man who drowned her in his intensity and blindsided her with his touch. Getting over this man was never going to be easy. And now he’s back in her life.

She has questions she needs answering, but her determination to get these answers will give the pleasure-seeking playboy the power to destroy her again. She needs to keep her eyes wide open and caution at the forefront of her mind, an ambitious intention when Jesse Ward is within touching distance. And he plans to be.

He’s dark, he’s broken – Ava knows this, but the only way to find out how dark and how broken is to get beneath the steely exterior of this man.

Review: Kirsty Lander

Oh my word. Why the hell have I taken so long to read this series? This book was AMAZING and the whole series is one of the best I have ever read! 

I'm not gonna lie, when I read This Man, I wasn't a massive Jesse fan. I didn't really get the appeal.. I just felt like he was an arrogant arse who didn't deserve to have Ava. WELL.. I sure was shown wasn't I! I freaking LOVED every single thing about him in Beneath This Man. From his one liners.. "Unravel your knickers, lady." to his crazy aggression or his insane possessiveness I just enjoyed every little thing about him. 
"I knew you were the one the second I laid my eyes on you."
"The one?"
"The one to bring me back to life."

Jesse and Ava's relationship is one of my absolute faves. But really, Ava deserves some kind of award for putting up with the craziness that is Jesse. Sometimes I feel like she needs to be way stronger and call him out on his crap more. It can be frustrating but at the same time, I LOVE that Ava never gives up on Jesse. She hears him out, gets pissy but always, always gives him another chance and moves on. No grudges. It's refreshing. 

"You've really never had a relationship, have you?"
"No, I've told you this."
"I can tell. You're shit at it."

At the end of my book (I know this is mainly for those who downloaded in the last couple months) there is a bonus chapter in Jesse's POV. It was incredible. I loved being inside his head, especially for the most vital scene of the book. It really helped to understand this broken man so much more. 

"Fear in a man like me is laughable, but that is what this woman reduces me to. A wreck. 
A tragic excuse of a man. I really don't deserve the love this woman throws at me. 
But I'm far too selfish to give it up easily."

I said it already but I am so MAD at myself that it's taken me so long to read this series. Jesse is easily way up there with Gideon and Christian for me.. He is all kinds of amazing. I had a couple weeks gap in between reading This Man and Beneath This Man, but I know I have to jump straight in to This Man Confessed right now. I have to find more out about Jesse, hopefully see Sarah bugger off for good and most importantly? I can't wait to see Ava and Jesse get their HAE.
I rated "Beneath This Man" 5 Hearts

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