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Review: Shannon Mayer's "High Risk Love."

Review: Shannon Mayer's "High Risk Love."
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Images. Snapshots in time.
This is how I experience my life. I've hidden behind my camera and viewed the world through the lens. I watch other people live their lives. I’ve given up on my dreams, and sheltered my heart from love; because both have given me nothing but pain. Even thinking about opening myself up, sends my fears into overdrive. It’s better to be safe, than to take a risk and have your life shattered into pieces alongside your heart. This is what I believed.
Risks. Fear Nothing.
I live for the rush of adrenaline I get when I work my stunts. Nothing else matters but the feel of my heart pounding when I challenge the line between life and death. Women are nothing more than a distraction; they use me for my connections, as I use them to escape the pain of my past before moving on to my next adrenaline fix. My life is consumed with excitement, danger and risks—it’s all I needed.
The complete wrong time.
Jasmin and Jet will face off over photos, stunts and the truth hidden in their hearts. The last person Jasmin wants to be with is a man who takes life for granted. Jet wants to give his heart to no one; especially one who might not understand the secrets that haunt him. Despite their protests, Jasmin’s and Jet’s lives tangle; the threads of love and fear bind them. Between their passions and their pasts, they fight to hang onto each other . . . but will the stakes be too high when faced with the ultimate sacrifice?

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I've read a lot of books since my passion for reading was reignited last summer. I've read books about fighters, boxers, wealthy business men, race car drivers, professors, even cowboys but never a stunt man. So when "High Risk Love" was thrown my way by the author for an honest review, I thought why not. Let's see whether a guy that puts his life on the line for the sake of a good movie can get me a little hot under the collar. Well I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. 

"High Risk Love" told the story of Jet and Jasmin  both individuals that had pasts that had shaped their present. Jasmin had suffered so much loss in her life she just wasn't willing to risk her heart being broken again. The guards were up and no one was getting close. Her primary focus was money. Jasmin needed cash and quickly because she was broke. A job getting photos and an inside scoop on stuntman Jethro "Jet" Sterling was just what she needed..... and lucky her because it's just what she got. A week's assignment following Jet around taking photos and finding out his story. Easier said than done because Jethro Sterling was a closed book when it came to his past:

Memories were not something I wanted. If I could burn them from my mind I would. 
Or at least I'd try. 

Both Jasmin and Jet's pasts were very different but both heart breaking in their own right. Neither was looking for love but for very different reasons. Jasmin couldn't risk the pain of loss again and Jet... well he just didn't think he was worth loving. He had this notion that even if he did find love, he would only go and ruin it. This belief wasn't helped by his younger brother Jasper. Unfortunately Jasper had his own past, one which he firmly lay the blame for at Jet's door. Unfortunately Jet accepted this blame only reinforcing his negative beliefs. 
With both Jet and Jasmin fighting the attraction they had, it was never going to work... or was it? 

Both of these characters needed a break in life. They were perfect for each other and their chemistry undeniable. When they finally got it on (yes you do have to wait a good while), it was nothing short if steamy!!! But they also connected on an emotional level, he opened up to her, she let him in. I loved the fact that both were slowly letting their guards down. Jet told Jasmin things he hadn't shared with anyone. He trusted her. The trust was returned by Jasmin who again, revealed parts of her past to him. Unfortunately with nutty ex's, stalkers and  younger brothers, there was a lot going against them. And so I knew this wasn't going to be a walk in the park. I was proved right when at 53% I was furious with Jet. I was so angry and completely flabbergasted!!! How could he!!!

There was a bar not too far from her hotel and the music and laughter rocked out of it, 
beckoning me in. Calling to me to forget her, to pick someone else.

I'd really connected with Jet. I liked him. Yes he was guarded but with  a past like his and with people out to use him for his connections, who wouldn't be. But he was kind, caring and very protective over Jasmin. He had finally found someone he connected with on an emotional level and it scared the living hell out of him:

If there was a heaven on earth, I was in it and I didn't ever want to leave. 
And that scared the shit out of me. 

 I truly felt for him but wanted him to give this a go. He was trying and I loved that. Jet also had a funny side. He bought a certain humour to the book and I loved it. Put him and Hugh together and I found myself giggling like a school girl. 

"Spitfire;" I loved that nickname and it was so apt. Despite her past, Jasmin was a little fire cracker. She was strong in character and didn't take crap from anyone. She stood up for what she believed and stood up for those she loved. She was kind hearted and was willing to put it on the line for Jet. I loved that she would hear Ryan's words in her head, guiding and advising her because there were moments she really needed that, especially when it came to Jet. 

The secondary characters in the book were fab and all bought something different to the story. Despite Jasper's negative attitude at the start of the book, by the end I had really warmed to him. I would love to see Lily and Jasper's story told (there's definitely something there!!!)  And Hugh was a fantastic best buddy.That boy definitely has some skeletons in his closet so I'm hoping he'll also get his own book. 

"High Risk Love" was written from both Jet and Jasmin's POV giving the reader an inside scoop on their emotions, train of thought and reasons for behaviour. I really enjoy this form of writing when done well and it definitely was in this case with the story continuing to flow effortlessly despite the POV switches. 

This book will keep you reading because you want to make sure these fractured individuals heal and find the happiness they deserve:

Some moments in life should never be remembered, the horror and the pain eradicated 
from your mind for all time. Yet those are so often the moments that define you, and 
make you who you are. They make you stronger than you ever would have been otherwise.

I rated this book 4 Hearts. I look forward to seeing what Shannon Mayer has in store for us next. 

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