Saturday, 29 June 2013

Teaser: Kylie Scott's "Lick."


Two days to go before the release of "Lick." This book is fantastic (especially if you like bad boy rock stars!!!!)
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David reached for the back of his T-shirt and dragged it off over his head. “Rule number two, if I take my shirt off you have to take off yours. The shirt-off rule now applies to these sorts of conversations. I know we need to talk about stuff. But there’s no reason we can’t make it easier.”
“This’ll make it easier?” Highly doubtful. All that smooth, hot skin
just waiting for my touch and my fingers itching to do so. Keeping my tongue inside my mouth while his flat stomach and six-pack were re-vealed tested my moral fortitude no end. All that beautiful inked skin on display, driving any attempt at a coherent thought straight out of my mind. Good God, the man had some power over me. But wait up, we were married. Morally, I was obliged to ogle my husband. It would be unnatural and wrong to do otherwise.
“Get it off,” he said, tipping his chin at my offending items of clothing.
The stairwell sat calm and quiet. No signs of life.
“He ain’t coming up here. I promise.” David’s hands gripped the bottom of my T-shirt and carefully pulled it off over my head, rescuing my ponytail when it got caught.
When he reached for my bra I pressed my forearms to my chest, holding it in place. “Why don’t I keep the bra, just in case …”
“It’s against the rules. You really wanna go breaking rules already? That’s not like you.”
“Evelyn.” The bra’s band relaxed as he undid the clasp. “I need to see your bare breasts, baby. You have no idea how much I fucking love them. Let it go.”
“Why do you get to make all the rules?”
“I only made that one. Oh, no—two. We have the cheating rule as
well.” He tugged at my bra and I eased my grip, letting him take it. No way was I moving my arms though.
“Go on, you make some rules,” he said, running his fingers over my arms, making every little hair stand on end.
“Are you just trying to distract me from the conversation with the no clothes thing?”
“Absolutely not. Now make a rule.”

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