Friday, 28 June 2013

Teaser: Kylie Scott's "Lick."

Kylie Scott's "Lick" comes out on Monday 1st July 2013 and this is one brilliant read. I loved David and Evelyn's story and can't wait for the next books in the series (don't worry, this one can be read as a standalone).
Here's another teaser for you just to keep you going for the next couple of days:

Kylie Scott:
Woohoo! Only three days to go now...
Today we've got something from early on in the story for fans of Mal, Stage Dive's drummer extraordinaire.

“Hey, Dave,” Mal called out. “Company.”
David turned then, saw me and frowned. In this light his eyes looked dark and distinctly unhappy. “Ev.”
... Mal started to laugh. “That’s about the only word I’ve been able to get out of her. Seriously, man, does your wife even speak?”
“She speaks.” His tone of voice made it obvious he wished I
wouldn’t, ever again. Or at least, not within his hearing.
I didn’t know what to say. Generally, I wasn’t after universal love
and acceptance. Open hostility, however, was still kind of new to me.
The brunette tittered and rubbed her bountiful boobs against David’s arm as if she was marking him. Sadly for her, he didn’t seem to notice. She gave me a foul look, red mouth puckered. Charming. Though the fact that she saw me as competition was a huge boost to my ego. I stood taller and looked my husband in the eye.
Big mistake.
David’s dark hair had been tied back in a little ponytail with strands falling around his face. What should have reeked of scummy drug dealer worked on him. Of course it did. He could probably make a dirty back alleyway seem like the honeymoon suite. A gray T-shirt molded to his thick shoulders and faded blue jeans covered his long legs. His black army-style boots were crossed at the ankles, easy as you please, because he belonged
here. I didn’t.
“You mind finding her a room?” David asked his friend.
Mal snorted. “Do I look like your fucking butler? You’ll show your
own wife to a room. Don’t be an asshole.”
“She’s not my wife,” David growled.
“Every news channel in the country would disagree with you there.”
Mal ruffled my hair with a big hand, making me feel all of eight years old.
“Check you later, child bride. Nice to meet you.”
“Child bride?” I asked, feeling clueless.
Mal stopped and grinned. “You haven’t heard what they’re saying?”
I shook my head.
“Probably for the best.” With a last laugh he wandered off.

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