Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"The Mighty Storm" News from Samantha Towle

So on Monday, Samantha Towle revealed she had some very exciting news regarding "The Mighty Storm" she wanted to share with us.... but she kept us guessing and by god, we had our knickers in a twist over it... there were even offers of brib...ery laid on the table!!!! lol So we have reached mid week and with the suspense killing us, Samantha has finally decided to put us out of our misery.... yay.... so over to Samantha Towle:

Morning lovelies! So the news that I've been teasing you all with these last few days is...... THE MIGHTY STORM is getting a BRAND NEW COVER!!! I've seen it and it is beautiful. I really, really love it. I will be sad to say goodbye to my old cover, but both myself and my publisher think the new one really works. You'll know what I mean when you see it, AND speaking of seeing it.... the new cover will be revealed at the end of this week!

Also the cover for WETHERNG THE STORM has had a little touch up to keep them both in line with one another, and I'll be revealing that too.

Mucho love

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